Getting Back on Track

getting back on trackHas your life been derailed?

Any number of things can throw us off track – travel, illness, a change in schedule at work or at home. Before you can get back on track you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Did any emergencies arise in my absence? If so, attend to those first.

Are there any bills that can’t wait for my next regular bill-paying day? If so, don’t wait; pay them now!

Is there anyone I need to call? Do you need to reschedule an appointment, or extend a deadline?

Once you have “stopped the bleeding”, if any, you can start getting back to basics!

Can you get back to basics now? 

We all have systems for getting things done. But now is the time to ask yourself: Were my systems working for me before I got off track? If so, simply start using them again! If not, it’s time to rethink your systems and tweak them so they work better for you. Here are some examples:

Laundry – Put a load in the washer now. Clean clothes will help you get back on track!

Dishes – Do the dishes, and clear the kitchen counter. This one clean area will help motivate you.

Launch Pad (a.k.a. Landing Strip or Staging Area) – Gather everything you need when leaving the house — purse, car keys, shopping list, library books — in one spot. Dump your stuff here when you walk back in the door, too.

Flow of Paper – Sort that pile of mystery paper into your action file (or trash/recycle/shredder). Keep it flowing!

Flow of Things – Find homes for new things you have acquired, and spend 15 minutes a day clearing clutter.

Getting Stuff Done – Add tasks and appointments to your calendar. Refer to your calendar daily. Do the stuff you need to do, like paying bills, making calls, and shopping for groceries.

For each system, ask yourself WHO is affected? WHO will do it? WHAT needs to be done? WHAT tools are needed? WHEN and HOW OFTEN should it be done? WHERE will we do it? WHERE will we store our tools for this task? WHY do we need this system?

The bottom line: If you can get back to basics, do it now!

What if, despite my best intentions, I am still off track? 

If a week (or other self-imposed deadline) has gone by since you decided to get back on track, and you still haven’t managed to do so, ask yourself: Am I still beating myself up for getting off track? If so, this is the worst thing you can possibly do! The sooner you can give yourself a break and get on with it, the better. If you can’t do it on your own, or if your problems outweigh the advice that can be provided by a flow chart, ask for help from a friend, physician, counselor, spiritual advisor, or professional organizer.

OK, now that you are back to basics

…you can resume enjoying yourself and making progress on your projects and goals. This includes work, hobbies, home improvement, relaxation without guilt, and quality time with family and friends. Schedule blocks of time on your calendar for the activities you  enjoy.

Congratulations, you are now back on track! 

Does this help you? I’d love to know! How do YOU get back on track? Please leave a comment!

P.S. This is the companion article to The Getting Back On Track Flow Chart, available here.

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  1. Simply acknowledging that it is okay to start where you are is a bit of a relief. The reason you are off track matters less… like water than has run past you in a stream and is now down behind you. Better to focus on what is upstream, what is coming. I agree that this can be a great time to call in a few resources to help snap things back into place!

    • I agree. And I, too, often think about a stream analogy (mine includes a bridge) when it comes to things that come our way…information, opportunities, etc. Hmmm, I think I started a blog post about that once and never finished it…thanks for the reminder!

  2. Life DOES get us off track because stuff happens. It’s interesting that when you first mentioned getting back to basics, I was thinking about “other” basics like getting enough sleep, drinking enough liquid, and eating healthfully. But the basics you mentioned are just as important. And it’s interesting too that when you begin to handle some of the daily “doings” of life, it helps to calm us and reset our routines. I like to call that “clearing the decks.” From there it’s much easier to move ahead.

    The other important piece that you mentioned is attitude. As in…no beating yourself up for the things you didn’t do. Each day brings a chance to reset and start again.

    • I’m sure different starting-again points are called for, depending on just exactly how far off track we’ve gotten!

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