Welcome to Organized for Life….and beyond

Are you ready to rise above your clutter, and find the freedom of getting organized for life?

Less clutter. More life.

Please note:

I am no longer taking new clients for hands-on, in-person organizing. I'd be happy to help you explore your options for getting started, though, even if it means referring you to a trusted colleague!

Are your photos and memorabilia organized and shareable? Is it time to tell your story?

Less clutter. More stories.

Coming Soon:

I'm writing a new book! It's called "What's a Photo Without the Story? A guide to leaving your family legacy." It combines all my ideas for you about organizing memorabilia, exploring your family history and telling your stories.

Click here to learn more!

Create peace of mind, for you and your family, by making decisions now so they don't have to later.

Less clutter. More peace.

It's not too soon...or too late ...to start!

Downsizing possessions that you don't need or want can be part of your legacy, as well identifying your treasures and telling their stories.



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    • Thanks, Brenda! I didn’t even know people could comment on this page. Lets meet for coffee sometime when you’re in town.

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