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The Social Dilemma + 5 Steps for taking a break without leaving Facebook

Have you seen the new Netflix film, The Social Dilemma?

It’s an eye-opening docudrama about how social media platforms manipulate our behavior, even beyond the point of their original intent to make money from targeted advertising. You may have heard this before: If you’re not paying for the product, it means you’re the product.


Don’t leave Facebook — organize it!

keep calm and stay on FacebookI know, I know…..things are bad. Really bad.

Racial tension, worldwide pandemic, financial instability, political division…so many sources of stress on top of the normal stress of our daily lives!

All of the news is upsetting — and some of it is inaccurate or biased. Emotions are running high and there is no end in sight, not really.

And Facebook is… um… shall we say flawed and controversial? It’s really no wonder people are talking again about leaving it!


Organizing to De-Stress a Major or Chronic Illness

Hand coordination ,Multiracial hands holding each other in unity

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Illness is stressful. The less you have to worry about, the more you can focus your energy on getting well. And getting organized will help you worry less.

This concept applies to any prolonged medical condition that results in decreased energy and mobility.

Here are some examples:

  • recovery from a planned surgery
  • an unplanned medical or health event
  • a major illness
  • a chronic condition
  • depression

If you are not expecting to fully recover, getting organized will help you to enjoy your “new normal” to its fullest.


Clutter Counseling: Are You an Odd Couple?

Are you and your spouse, or partner, or roommate, like Oscar and Felix, of The Odd Couple? (Are you old enough to know what I’m talking about?) Do you need Clutter Counseling? I am not a marriage counselor (or a psychic, or a magician), but I am sometimes called upon to mediate disputes as to what goes where in a home or other shared space.

It really helps to have an impartial professional to hear both sides of an issue and give a practical opinion that will work for everyone. Often my recommendation is something neither person has thought of before!


How to Get Organized Anywhere at Any Budget

I want to help everyone find the freedom of getting Organized for Life regardless of where they live, or how much money they have. But there’s only one of me, and I need to make a living too. Too bad I can’t work directly with all of you for free.

There are lots of ways I can help you, though! In this post I’ve listed some options for getting organized, in order of affordability. Let me know which ones you need and think will work for you.


Be Spectacular™: The Organized Way to Select New Eyewear

New glasses

New glasses

I don’t know about you, but I would (seriously, almost) rather shop for a new swimsuit than to shop for new glasses. There are so many choices! And most of them look hideous on me. It’s a big commitment to choose something that you are going to wear every single day. You want it to look, well, if not downright attractive, then at least not off-putting in any way. Am I right?

Apparently some people have a whole wardrobe of glasses for different looks. But I am not one of them. The only time I get new glasses is if mine get damaged, or if my prescription changes dramatically. I’ve been through a lifetime of glasses, starting at ages 2-4 with corrective lenses for amblyopia, and picking up again at age 10 with glasses, a brief contacts phase in college, LASIK surgery and no glasses for awhile, cataract surgery, readers, bifocals, trifocals, transitions, progressives, you name it, I’ve tried it.

Enter my friend Dawn Nieto-Gouy, who is a Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant. She knew my regular MO was to go by myself and make the best of it. She made me promise that next time I needed new glasses I’d take her along. So the day finally came. (more…)

Cooking for Dummies: A glowing “Hello Fresh” review and a $40 referral code for you!

2015-12-02 11.20.43

This is how Hello Fresh meals are delivered

First, let’s get something straight: I am not a seasoned chef proposing to impart wisdom to you on that topic. Quite the opposite! But I’m also not being self-deprecating by calling myself a “dummy”. I am merely tipping my hat to the “For Dummies” franchise of how-to books and videos. Because Hello Fresh really does seem like a “Cooking for Dummies” class to me!

I’ve never written about grocery lists, meal planning, or shopping tips, much less cooking. The closest I’ve come are these kitchen-related blog posts and such:

The Kitchen Clutter Flow Chart

3 Tricks to Organizing a New Kitchen

Is Your Kitchen Counter Worse Than Mine?

How to Organize Your Kitchen for Health and Weight Loss Success

Get Organized! Kitchen Pantry Tips for You (new free download from Professional Organizers of New Mexico, featuring photos of our own pantries!)

That’s because I don’t cook.


Let’s Play Organizing & Productivity Bingo!

Organizing Bingo - NAPO Member Branded

See links below for viewing full-sized.




Ever wonder how organized and productive you really are?

Not sure if you need to hire a professional organizer?

Ready for a fun new way to test your skills?

Let’s play Organizing & Productivity Bingo!



Are You a Hoarder?

Hoarding is such a fascinating topic that it’s made its way into cable TV reality shows, mainstream dramas, talk shows and sitcoms. As stated at the beginning of every A&E Hoarders episode, “Compulsive Hoarding is a mental disorder marked by an obsessive need to acquire and keep things, even if the items are worthless, hazardous or unsanitary.”


Why Virtual Organizing?

World globeWhat is Virtual Organizing?

Using modern technology such as telephones, email, and digital photography, you can live next door, or a world away, and we can still accomplish many types of virtual organizing projects together.

Virtual Organizing (VO) services are a way to bridge the gap…

…the gap between distances —  Don’t live in Albuquerque? No problem!

…the gap between services —  Not all coaching and maintenance advice needs to be delivered during an in-person, hands-on session.

…the gap between budgets — Think you can’t afford my services? What if you could pay for one hour at a time, rather than three?