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What is Your Clutter Costing You?

dreamstime_xs_30424420You know you have clutter. We all do, in one form or another, and to varying degrees. But have you ever thought about what it is costing you? Sometimes the cost is obvious, such as late fees incurred for an overdue bill that was lost in a mystery pile of paper, or that you couldn’t find the time to pay. Other times the cost is mental or emotional, such as the embarrassment of having others see your cluttered space. Or, missed opportunities. Or, time you could have spent doing something else.

Why do I care so much about clutter? And about helping people to declutter? Well, here’s what I believe: (more…)

The Gift of Organizing…? (Q&A)

dreamstime_xs_17170576The gift of organizing is just like any other gift: It could be just what the recipient wanted…or, well, not so much!


Q: Should I give my loved one a new organizing gadget or container as a gift? (more…)