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Aren’t You Dying to Know?

August 8 is Dying to Know Day. At least in Australia it is. My Aussie friend and professional organizing colleague, Lissanne Oliver, told me about it. It was started in 2013 by a group called The GroundSwell Project. Their mission is to develop programs that create cultural change about death and dying.

From their website:

Kicked the bucket. Croaking it. Pushing-up daisies. Passed over, on, away. The D-word.

We have no shortage of names for it, but when faced with death we are often lost for words. Our superstitions and fears about dying, and the discomfort we feel, affect our approach and experiences of the end of life. Here at The GroundSwell Project we reckon it’s time for an upgrade on how we go about our dying matters.


Do You Have a Virtual Will?

virtual will blog imageIt was my friend Jeanne’s birthday, and Facebook reminded me to wish her well. I would have dearly loved to do so, but, well, sadly, Jeanne died over a year ago. This is the sort of thing that can happen – intentionally or unintentionally – with one’s digital (virtual) assets after death. You can purposely leave an account in place, or maintain a website as a memorial to a loved one (among other reasons)… or you might instead find yourself scrambling to figure out how to delete it if there was no plan in place and things are happening that you hadn’t foreseen. Yikes!