There’s No Place Like Home

I just returned home from a short road trip to Durango, CO. The brisk fall weather and scenery were wonderfully refreshing.  And it was good to be out of my routine for a couple of days. Then, as usual, I was just as glad to return home as I was to leave it in the first place. There’s a reason we have these sayings:

Home Sweet Home…There’s no place like home…A man’s home is his castle…Home is where the heart is….

Aren’t we all more comfortable at home? And if you aren’t, what needs to change so that you are…?

Here are some things to notice when staying in a hotel room:

Cleanliness: Thank goodness my hotel room was (and they usually are) very clean. How clean is your home? Do you need to step up your cleaning routine? Or ask for some help? I could stand to dust more often. Or, as someone told me when I first moved to New Mexico, “That’s not dust, that’s enchantment.”

Clutter: Which is more cluttered: the hotel room, or your home? I find it depends a lot on how big the hotel room is, and how much surface space there is (desk, table, dresser, counters). The first thing I do is to gather up all the little welcome signs, tent cards, flyers, brochures, menus, guidebooks, TV schedules, and unneeded toiletries and put them in a drawer out of sight. If there wasn’t much surface space to begin with this can make all the difference. Or, maybe your hotel room is so tidy that it inspires you to de-clutter when you return home.

Ceiling corner detail

Ceiling corner detail

Furniture: My hotel was full of antiques. It was a lovely place to visit, but I am just as happy with my home décor, which does not involve antiques, unless you count my Mom’s cedar chest from the ’50s.

Décor: Did the patterns and colors on the walls, floor, bedspreads, and curtains play together nicely? Or did they make you cringe? What about at home? Is it time to upgrade or delete something?

Lighting: Did your hotel room have adequate ambient, task, and accent lighting? Does your home? Do you need to add a reading lamp, perhaps, like I do?

Cozy sitting area Accessories: If you found your hotel room cozy and inviting, what was it that you liked about it? My room had a nice little sitting area with two chairs, a table with lamp, and a shelf full of old books. I think the books were there mostly for ambiance, but they were readable.

Shower Pressure: This is something I always notice. Hotel water pressure (and shower stall/tub configurations and controls) can be hit or miss. I have recently changed a shower head at home, after having tried unsuccessfully to clean the old one of hard water deposits.

Luxury:  Was there a nice fluffy bathrobe? Do you have one at home? Why not? How did you like the bedding? I once returned home from a cruise and completely changed my bedding based on what they had on the ship. It was a comforter with a sheet-like, soft (mine is 700 thread count), washable cover instead of a top sheet, blanket and bedspread. So simple! Also makes it easier to make my bed in the morning.

Landscaping:  This particular hotel had none, to speak of, but a nearby park bench reminded me I need a new one for my back yard.Durango park bench sm

What do you enjoy about a good hotel room? Or hate about a bad one?

What do you love (or hate) most about returning home after a trip?

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  1. For me, returning home is about having my own things around me and being able to cook my own meals. Restaurant food is fine in moderation.

    Sounds like your room was wonderful though. I really like their idea of having books available.

    I also never thought of stashing all the advertising junk in a drawer to streamline hotel space. Thanks for that suggestion. I’ll implement it next time I’m travelling!

    I’ve stayed in places that are both wonderful and the polar opposite. I vote for wonderful–clean, quiet, convenient, comfortable bed! Ahhhh…

    • I’ve stayed in some horrible places too…but it’s been awhile. Glad you found a tip you can use, Moreen, and good point about the food!

  2. I have never thought of travel in this way before, at least not consciously. I love your idea of moving all the hotel clutter into a drawer to make it more homey, but looking for ideas to enhance my own home is simply brilliant!

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