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A Valentine for Your Family: Planning for Your Legacy

planning legacy family willIf you got hit by a bus tomorrow, what would your loved ones be left with? Happy memories, or sad ones? Clutter and uncertainty? Or clear instructions and valued keepsakes?

What will your legacy be?



Mom’s Boxes Part 3: Trip down memory lane

Me and Mike enjoying a picnic of lemonade and raisins in 1964 Indiana.

My brother, Mike, and I have agreed there’s something about going through Mom’s boxes that we hadn’t fully bargained for: Going down Mom’s memory lane includes going down our own memory lanes. This can be heartwarming, and great fun…and also embarrassing, sad, and exhausting. It feels like my life is flashing before my eyes in excruciatingly slow motion.


Make Your Own Checklists!

I love checklists! You can Google for free, or purchase, all sorts of ready-made and downloadable checklists, such as those for packing for a trip, or for accomplishing seasonal household chores. HOWEVER…I’ve never met a checklist that I didn’t have to customize for myself. So I make my own. It’s easy, and fun, and you can do it too!


This Photo Trick Cures Clutter Amnesia!

My friend Jane (well, one of them…I have more friends named Jane than anybody I know…) is de-cluttering this weekend and texting me periodically with her progress. She writes: “So glad you taught me the photo trick. If not, I would be crying with frustration rather than feeling pleased with my progress!”

The “trick” she refers to is not actually something I had even tried to teach her. But it’s something I do with every client, which she has picked up on and is doing for herself. So what, exactly, is “The Photo Trick”? (more…)

Memory Tip: One is for Gun

One time on a cruise ship sea day, when there were only on-board activities to choose from, I attended a little seminar on improving one’s memory. Greg Gleason, who doubles as a stage magician at night, amazed and entertained us with his memory tricks and taught us “One is for Gun”.

“One is for Gun” is a method of remembering a list of words, items, tasks, or ideas. I thought it was silly, and doubted I would ever use it. For starters, I didn’t WANT One to be a gun! I can’t relate to guns; why couldn’t One be something else? (I don’t know…sun? fun?) And if I managed to remember what One was this time, would I get confused later when trying to remember a different One?

I must say, though, I have found it to be incredibly useful in situations where I don’t have my little notebook and pen handy. (more…)

Getting Organized Prevents Memory Loss

An elephant never forgets!

Many of my clients, even the younger ones, are worried because they forget stuff. Well…join the club, we all do! But some actually fear they are in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. You might, of course, have the dreaded disease, but you probably don’t…or, at least not yet. (more…)