Organizing with Cats

Are you familiar with the phrase “herding cats”? It refers to an attempt to control or organize entities which are uncontrollable.

Client's cat Joey. P.S. We decided to keep him!

Well, here are some fun and easy ways to organize with, and for, your cats at home:

Decorating With Cats

A pretty cat is the best accessory! Casey's toys are stored the same way you can hide kids’ toys — in attractive, yet functional, baskets.

George approves of my new area rug.

Containerizing Cats

Callie and Casey are enjoying their extra large cat, I mean shoe boxes!

George is testing one of my favorite organizing supplies, clear plastic shoe boxes.

Hiding the Evidence

Disguise your litter boxes as storage containers. The bottom boxes are ordinary storage bins. The ones on top are Clevercat top-entry litter boxes.

Use old litter pails to contain…um, unpleasant odors. You can decorate them if you want. I just labeled mine.

Keeping Kitty Off Your Keyboard

Look familiar?

George is in a box, elevated by another box.

This was my idea for keeping a client’s cat (Tommy the Terror Tabby) off of her jewelry-making workspace. Warning: NEVER tell the cat what the box is for, or it will NEVER sit there!

Two-pronged strategy: 1) a comfy basket RIGHT NEXT to the computer, and 2) tape to discourage trespassing while simultaneously allowing me access to the keyboard.

3-tier IKEA RASKOG cart placed right next to desk.

Nice basket, right next to computer, in the sun, with view of hummingbird feeder. Ahhh!

Letting Them Help You

(Because why fight it?)

George helping me with office paperwork.

Casey helping me organize my closet.

Emily helping me clean out my fridge.

Client’s kitty Huan Huang (which means Yellow + Happy in Chinese) helping us sort and purge. I won’t tell him what the label says if you won’t!

George helping me fix a broken chair.

How do YOU organize with, and for, your cats?

Please share with us in the comment section below!

Featuring: George, Callie, Casey (RIP), Emily (RIP), Tommy the Terror Tabby, Joey, and Huan Huang.

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  1. How cute and how true! I had a cat who insisted on being right up in the midst of things while I was sewing. I finally realized it wasn’t just my attention he wanted, but the lamp I had trained on my sewing machine. It was just a regular desk lamp, but it was warm. I put a box right beside me with his own lamp trained on it and he was happy.

  2. Great blog. As herders of two cats, that are not sure they are cat,s Mel and I are kept entertained by their antics. As they have gotten old, and old in cat years, they no longer want to be up on the desk, but they still want to be part of the daily newspaper reading and partakers in what is going on. Sylvestor our big and I do mean big yellow tiger follows us around the house even into the bathroom, where I brush him while sitting. It has been the only way he will sit and allow me to do so. If I want to know where Mel is in the house, just look for Sylvestor, he will not be far from him, usually sitting at attention at the last door Mel passed. Samatha is much more laid back, and litterly for her greatest position is on her back with legs up. I guess she is “playing dead”, or just likes to lie on her back ready for a tummy rub. But so far no help with organization from them. We have used the litter/ scoop idea for years with no odor. Being that they are reqired to be indoor cats, coyotes abound, we use a litter box, no outside cats here. Love them!

  3. Now everytime I organize a client with cats I will think of you. I seem to have more dogs than cats but I do have a current client with a cat named Nehi (knee-high). I organized his space in the laundry room. Enjoyed your blog! Thank you!

  4. This solution may not apply to every situation but this is what I have….
    I have an extra storage closet/room in the garage that shares the wall with the back hallway that is by the back door. I had an expert install a pet door (that I purchased from Pet Smart) into the back hallway’s wall into this storage closet/room. The storage closet/room door (that is out in the garage) needs to remain closed at all times so that the cat will not get into the garage. The storage closet/room only contains litter boxes. The pet gate also comes with a metal slide-in-place door when you want to lock it up for cleaning or not in use anymore. I clean the litter boxes by entering through the storage closet/room door from the garage. This concept keeps the litter boxes out of the house/laundry room and therefore eliminates the odor and sight of litter boxes.

  5. Hazel I love the containers for scoop and poop, we will have to do that, and setting up a place for my cat to curl up by my desk instead of on my laptop is a great idea.

    • I’ve been asked how I got George to pose for that photo. Ha, ha, ha! Like you can get a cat to do something it doesn’t want to do!

  6. This is so cute and made me smile today! I love these cats! We have two and they love baskets boxes and of course cuddling with us on the bed. We have a cat door out to the garage for their litter boxes. they also have a separate sleeping area in the garage they love to go when it too cold or loud in the house.
    I love the cat in the IKEA cart! I have one in my office. I wonder if my cat would sleep in it. Did your do it on it’s own or did you encourage it?
    Great and fun post!

    • Thanks, Autumn! I got the IKEA cart specifically hoping George would like it. There’s always something comfy lining that top section. But I had other plans for it in the event he did not like it.

  7. Too cute!!! I don’t have any cats (grew up allergic and am a dog person!), but they are adorable and love how they get into any box or bin left around, and how they decide to be a desktop accessory or hang out on the keyboard. Such characters!

    • I’ve also seen cute photos of dogs in offices…usually “helping” by lying on or very near mommy’s feet. Probably better for not messing up paperwork and keyboards!

  8. Adorable! Whenever we get something delivered in any box bigger than a shoe box, we set it on the floor. I always wonder how long before the “cat trap” feature is activated. Usually it’s within a minute, no matter where the cats have been hiding!

    • You said “bigger than” a shoe box…I hope that includes shoe boxes! And I wouldn’t count out smaller boxes.. try it and see what happens! You might be surprised and amused.

  9. So I was reading the post on twelve new things that you’ve tried…which lead me to the Bikram’s post…which lead me to this post…which I see I’ve already posted on… the way that everything comes together is the way that I have a little savasana (a little break between jobs) is that I go out and read for fifteen minutes sitting in the chair that is in my cat pen. My cats model for me perfect relaxation and acceptance of the moment.

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