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Old-Fashioned Will And Testament“Wait…don’t you organize closets, and kitchens, and offices and such?” Yes, I do… but my interest in organizing for illness, death, emergencies, keepsakes, downsizing, inventories, family history, photos, and legacies is nothing new. On this page I have gathered together all of my related blog posts, and a number of other resources, to help you navigate this sometimes uncomfortable territory.

Links are to Org4life blog posts, services, and products, unless otherwise noted.


  • Start a conversation with your family
  • Declutter, downsize & organize your (or your loved ones’) stuff
  • Preserve your family history
  • Organize your photos
  • Organize your estate paperwork
  • Create a will (or two)
  • Plan to age & die with dignity (including obituaries and funerals)
  • What to do when someone else dies
  •  A combination of all of the above topics

Start a conversation with your family

Talking about death won’t kill you, LOL!

A Valentine for Your family: Planning for Your Legacy

Organizing for Your Legacy — A legacy is anything you leave behind. Tangible or intangible. Good or bad. What will your legacy be?

Aren’t You Dying to Know?

Kicking the Bucket List (a short book review)

Dad’s Kick-the-Bucket Flow Chart – My Dad has since moved to Albuquerque, where one of my brothers and I live. So, these are outdated instructions. But the message is the same: Let your loved ones know what you want.

Declutter, downsize & organize your (or your loved ones’) stuff

Downsizing and Keeping Your Family Legacy — I was invited to participate in this panel discussion at the 2018 Before I Die New Mexico Festival.

9 Things to Know About the Next Big Decluttering Craze: Swedish Death Cleaning — Sparefoot.com

Don’t Toss My Memories in the Trash — book by Vickie Dellaquila

The Downsizing Decision Matrix + Your Personal Inventory

Keepsakes: Legacy or Liability? – What are you leaving behind? What have you been left?

Who’s Afraid of Their Storage Unit?

What is Your Clutter Costing You?

Organized Charitable Giving — This is related to dying in that my personal way of honoring loved ones is to donate money to their favorite charity. But charitable giving can also be part of your estate plan.

The Keepsake Clutter Flow Chart – 11-page e-workbook module

The Clutter Flow Chart Collection and Go With The Flow! The Clutter-Clearing Tool Kit for an Organized Life

Emergency Preparedness Resource Roundup — In this case the emergency is that you died and people need to know where to find things.

Preserve your family history

Top 10 Reasons Why Genealogy is for Everybody!

Family History Research — Org4life service

The Gift of an Organized Family Tree — blog article about the Org4life family history research service

Puzzling Out Your Family History —  blog article about the pleasures and pitfalls of doing genealogy research

The Ancestry Clutter Flow Chart (and companion article)

How to organize your family tree at any budget

Family History Lost & Found

Mother’s Day — Gifts I Got from Mom

The Basic Genealogy Checklist

Mom’s Boxes Part 1: The shed  —  8-part series (so far) about what I’m doing with the 33 boxes of scrapbooks my mom left me


Organize your photos

Save Your Photos! — This FREE guide will help you find and gather; sort and organize; archive and backup; maintain, celebrate, and share your favorite photos!

How NOT to Save Your Photos

Have you seen Hazel Thornton’s Photo Clutter Flow Chart? — APPO Endorsement

The Photo Clutter Flow Chart – 11-page e-workbook module

The mystery of family resemblances: Who you think you look like?

Organize your estate paperwork

Organizing Your Estate Paperwork – blog post by Heather Ahern

CBDataSystems – paid tool

Everplans – free trial

LifeinCase — document organization systems

The Vital Records PortaVault — paid paper system from securitaonline.com

Planning Your Estate: Helping Your Family Find Important Documents – free from SafelyFiled.com

Touching the Future – Guide and Workbook for Estate Planning and Charitable Giving – free from redcrosslegacy.org

Exit Stage Right – products, services, resources

Create a will (or two)

Make Your Will: A Quick Checklist – free from nolo.com

Do You Have a Virtual Will? – Who will check your email (and close your Facebook account) when you die?

Virtual Estate Planning — blog post by Heather Ahern

Creating Your Digital Estate Plan — PDF by Judith Kolberg

Your Digital Afterlife — book by Evan Carroll and John Romano

The Digital Beyond — blog by Evan Carroll and John Romano

Plan to age & die with dignity (including obituaries and funerals)

Planning my own virtual funeral — who’s with me?

We Remember — memory pages by Ancestry

The Conversation Starter Kit – free download from The Conversation Project

Good to Go: A Guide to Preparing for the End of Life – book by Jo Myers

Five Wishes — living will from agingwithdignity.org

POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) — program available in many states.

A Graceful Farewell – book by Maggie Watson

Reasons to Plan Your Own Funeral or Memorial Service — everplans.com

The GroundSwell Project – founders of Dying to Know Day in Australia

What to do when someone else dies

After a Death Occurs: A Checklist – free from legalvoice.org

What to Do When A Loved One Dies — AARP article

What to Do When Someone Dies: Estate Administration – free from exitstageright.com

The Boomer Burden: Dealing with Your Parents’ Lifetime Accumulation of Stuff – book by Julie Hall

The Executor’s Guide: Settling a Loved One’s Estate or Trust – book by Mary Randolph, J.D.

You Went to a Funeral and Then You Went Home

A combination of all of the above topics

Organizing for Your Legacy — February 2018 Professional Organizers Blog Carnival –  advice from many bloggers, this edition sponsored by Org4life.



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