Coming Soon: A new book!

Coming soon…..

When, exactly? Um…it’s hard to say.

But, it’s looking like I’m on track for a mid-November release! (9/14/2021)

While some of my colleagues were super-productive

during the pandemic, I wasn’t one of them.

But I promise it will be worth the wait!

Meanwhile, it’s your encouragement that keeps me going. Thank you!!!

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Hazel  1/14/2021



What’s a Photo Without the Story?

How to Create Your Family Legacy

Dear readers,

The idea for this book came to me last year (2019) while attending 3 conferences: 1) RootsTech, the virtual portion of the mega-genealogy event held each year in Salt Lake City; 2) APPO (now called The Photo Managers), whose 2019 conference was held in nearby Bernalillo, NM; and 3) Southwest Writers, which I made a spontaneous decision to attend for the first time — it’s next week? it’s right down the street from me? It’s full, but there’s a cancellation? OK!

It was at the Southwest Writers conference that all of my interests — organizing, photos, family history, storytelling, memorabilia, legacies, and making it all accessible to everyone, no matter their level of interest and wherewithal — came together in a book idea that I articulated to my new writer friends, who were enthusiastic about it.

In one session someone asked: “When should we start promoting our book?” The answer was: “As soon as you get the idea!” That sounded a bit scary to me — what if I change my mind, or never finish it? — but it also made sense in terms of generating interest. So I started telling people about it.

Then 2020 happened. And all that implies. Here I am a year later, not having finished the book yet, as I had originally hoped. But it’s well on its way, and will be worth the wait!

I have not yet described the book to anyone who hasn’t said how much they needed the information and wanted to buy a copy. And it is their — your — enthusiasm and encouragement that has kept me going despite all the 2020 setbacks. Some of my colleagues have been super-productive this year. I am not one of them.. sigh… But I’m not giving up, either!

Click here –> What’s a photo without the story? <– to read the blog post that inspired me to write a whole book. (It was originally posted April 2019 and updated in July 2020 — with the mystery solved!)

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Thank you!

Hazel  9/16/2020

UPDATE  4/20/2021 — Still working on it! (Off and on.) Making progress! Not giving up!

UPDATE  7/9/2021 — I’m “this close” to finishing. That is, “this close” to showing it to another human being for editing. There are lots of details to be worked out — cover design, formatting, etc. — but the hard part is nearly over!

UPDATE 7/25/2021OMG. I did it. I just hit “send” on the email that will convey the long-awaited umpteenth draft (but the first one to ever be shown to another human’s eyes) of my new book! There’s more to be done, of course — editing, formatting, cover design, give people a heads-up who have no idea they’re mentioned in the book, publishing, etc. I’ve edited plenty along the way, but even I know not to try to final-edit or proofread my own book!

UPDATE 9/14/2021 — Today is the 2-year anniversary of the idea of my book. And it’s looking like I’m on track for a mid-November release!


Who is this book for?

I hope this book inspires you — yes, you! — to tell your family stories; even — especially! — if you are not a genealogist, or a photo organizer, or a writer.

It contains five parts (plus resources, of course):

  1. Tell Your Family Stories
  2. Enhance Your Stories With Photos
  3. Dig Deeper and Climb Higher (learn more about your family history)
  4. Leave a Legacy, Not a Burden (declutter, downsize, and tell the stories of your things, too)
  5. Be Resourceful (the whole book includes resources, but this section also includes tips for searching the web)

Each part includes these sections (and more):

WHY (Why tell your stories? …add photos? …dig deeper? …leave a legacy, not a burden?)

PHOTO STORIES (This book is not about me, but I do use some of my own family photos, and the stories behind them, as examples to inspire you to tell YOUR stories.)

HOW (Specific tips aimed at YOUR level of interest and wherewithal — time, money, energy, and knowledge.)


Here’s how YOU can participate in creating YOUR family legacy:  

Low-effort (Do this if nothing else.)

    • Why not give a copy of this book to the historian, photographer, or storyteller in your family? If you read it first, you’ll surely gain a greater appreciation of these family members and perhaps find ways to help them preserve and share your family legacy.

Medium-effort (Your family will thank you.)

    • Take action on some of the ideas you find in this book and share your progress and results with your family!

High-effort (Ask for help if you need it.)

    • Each section of the book contains helpful resources, and Part 5 will help you become even more resourceful!


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  1. Hazel – I’m so excited to purchase and read your book whenever it’s ready to be launched into the world! Really looking forward to reading it and giving it as a gift to others!

  2. Hazel~ you writing this book is a gift to many people who want to leave their legacy to their family. While I look forward to the book, I especially look forward to YOUR insights and tips. You have a special talent for puttting into words what many of us want to say. So thank you in advance for writing and undertaking this project.

  3. Hazel! This is SO exciting!! And such a perfect fit for your authorship. Yes, PLEASE include me in your distribution wait list. I will need three copies! People need this! Thank you!

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