What’s a Photo Without the Story?

At last, a clear, easy to read, and engaging book that will help you uncover the stories hiding in your family photo collection. Hazel brings to life her own stories and takes the mystery out of genealogy research. This book is an excellent resource for anyone ready to tackle this project and meets the promise Hazel makes in her introduction: “I’ve never met a person who didn’t have a story worth telling. Everyone has a story, and this book will help you tell yours!”

Cathi Nelson — CEO / Founder of The Photo Managers



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PAPERBACK and KINDLE — MAKES A GREAT GIFT FOR THE HISTORIAN OR PHOTO-KEEPER IN YOUR FAMILY! — IF YOU ENJOY THE BOOK, I would be delighted if you would leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. You can ask your local library and/or indie bookstore to order it:ISBN-13 ‎ 978-1699452448.

What’s a Photo Without the Story?

How to Create Your Family Legacy

A professional organizer and genealogist helps you tell the stories of your photos, family, and things.

Think you don’t have stories to tell?

Of course, you do. Everyone does!

In this book you will learn how to:

Tell your family stories

Enhance your stories by adding photos and details

Leave a legacy, not a burden

Identify mystery photos

Investigate family legends

Dig deeper & climb higher on your family tree

Do as much or as little as you like!

Each section includes activity choices:

Low effort (Do this if nothing else.)

Medium effort (Your family will thank you.)

High effort (Ask for help if you need it.)


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    • Yours is waiting for you here. See you at Christmas! (If you are eager to read it, you can order one from Amazon and then give it as a gift. My author copies are arriving sl-o-w-l-y, but other’s Amazon Prime orders are arriving lickety split!)

  1. Hazel – I’m so excited to purchase and read your book whenever it’s ready to be launched into the world! Really looking forward to reading it and giving it as a gift to others!

  2. Hazel~ you writing this book is a gift to many people who want to leave their legacy to their family. While I look forward to the book, I especially look forward to YOUR insights and tips. You have a special talent for puttting into words what many of us want to say. So thank you in advance for writing and undertaking this project.

    • Awwww…..thank you, Sheila…..I saw this comment before, and it’s comments like this that kept me going!

      Just subscribed you.

  3. Hazel! This is SO exciting!! And such a perfect fit for your authorship. Yes, PLEASE include me in your distribution wait list. I will need three copies! People need this! Thank you!

      • Somehow I missed the publication date. Just listened to you on the Declutter Hub podcast (episode 189) and bought your book, Matt Paxton’s, and Cathi Nelson’s immediately. Planning on listening again because I *think* you mentioned Maureen Taylor’s books as well, and there are possibly others I missed, too. Have already told two people who have podcasts that they should reach out to you to be on their shows! Tonight is Saturday and your book doesn’t come until Monday. Sigh.

        • Wonderful! I’m so glad you liked the podcast, Christine. That’s a nice selection of books (yep, including Maureen Taylor’s). Thanks for spreading the word, and for letting me know!

  4. Absolutely loved the book! Could not put it down! So Inspiring! Thank you Hazel for re-igniting my passion for getting my Legacy put together for my family! I was overwhelmed but qm fired up yo tackle my project once again. I have multi family inherited pictures as well as my own..now with 4 grown boys and 8 grandbabies. I’m super excited to start working on my pictures again! As well as all of the memories and keepsakes that go with them. Thank you!

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