Emergency Preparedness Resource Roundup

September is National Preparedness Month.

But disaster could strike at any time.

Are you ready?

Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and fires can, indeed, be considered emergencies. But there are lots of other life events you can be prepared for, all year long, like lost wallets, household repairs, computer crashes, and long-term illness, just to name a few.

In which ways are you prepared? Which areas need some work?

Here are some resources I’ve gathered for you, in the following categories:

  • Preparation
  • In Case of Emergency
  • Recovery
  • Find An Organizer Near You
  • While we’re at it…


FEMA Ready website — Federal Emergency Management Agency

Do You Have a Virtual Will? — Org4life

Are You Prepared for Identity Theft? — Org4life

What are you worried about? Don’t worry — Take action! — Org4life

Be Prepared: How Scouting Helped Me Get Organized For Life — Org4life

7 Things You Should Have in Your Wallet, 10 You Shouldn’t — Money Talks Finance

9 Kits You Should Have in Your Home to Prepare You for Anything —  Lifehacker

5 Disaster Prep Tips for Older Americans — AARP

Organizing to De-Stress a Major or Chronic Illness — Org4life

Are your files backed up? – Org4life

In case of emergency

Don’t Forget the 7 Ps! — Org4life

FEMA Ready website — Federal Emergency Management Agency


FEMA Ready website — Federal Emergency Management Agency

Disaster Help – Association of Professional Photo Organizers

Getting Back on Track — Org4life

Find an organizer near you

The Photo Managers (TPM, formerly known as APPO)

National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO)

While we’re at it….

Always Believe in Yourself — Org4life (Are you trusting your own wings? Or are you just hoping the branch won’t break?)

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