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Thornton Family History Lost & Found

My grandpa, dad, and brother

My grandpa, dad, and brother.

Have you ever lost part of your family history and found it again? Do you still have unsolved mysteries that intrigue you?

In Puzzling Out Your Family History I talked about the joys and challenges of doing one’s own genealogy research. In The Gift of an Organized Family Tree I describe one of the several types of projects I can do for you. My Family History Research Services web page includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), the first of which is, “What the heck does genealogy have to do with organizing?” In Gifts I Got from Mom, I shared more of my story. And in the Mom’s Boxes series, I share more of hers.

And here’s how it all began…..


Puzzling Out Your Family History

Depositphotos_14123001_m-2015I like to compare genealogy research to working a jigsaw puzzle. Sound fun? It is… except… imagine that there are dozens of puzzles all mixed together (one for each nuclear family)… and many of the puzzle pieces are broken or missing… and there are extra pieces thrown in there from other people’s puzzles… and you don’t have any of the boxes with the pictures on them to guide you. Sound tough? It is… and yet, it is so rewarding when the pieces start to fit together, and the picture starts to take shape!