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An organized use of a storage unit

If I’m in a storage unit, it’s usually to help a client move out of it. Sometimes they don’t even remember what’s in there, and they’re horrified to realize how much money they’ve paid all these months and years to store things they don’t even want anymore!

There are a few situations, though, where a storage unit is the perfect solution. This time I not only recommended it, but I helped my client rent the unit and move into it!


3 Tricks to Organizing a New Kitchen

2014-03-07 19.29.54

What does this cute kitty have to do with organizing your kitchen? Not a thing!

Have you ever been intimidated by a new kitchen? All those empty cupboards, shelves, and drawers…now what?!?I love helping clients plan where everything will go, and I recently got to do it again. A new kitchen is like a blank slate — time to start fresh, an opportunity to put things in handy spots and get rid of gadgets you never use! My current client’s kitchen is brand new, in a newly-built home, but these tricks will work for anyone moving into any home or apartment, or remodeling their kitchen. (more…)