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Getting Organized Once And For All

Organized For Life

So… what does “Getting Organized For Life” really mean, anyway?

Consider these three meanings:
1. Getting organized so your life will be easier, less stressful, more balanced, and ultimately more satisfying; so you can find your things when you need them, and get stuff done; so you can spend less time doing what you have to do, and more time doing what you want to do! So you can live your life by design, not by default. Less clutter. More life.
2. Getting organized…once and for all.
3. Getting, as in hiring, Organized For Life to come help you!


Does Progress Equal Happiness?

Last year I decided I wanted a mantra/slogan/motto/theme. Something that I could fall back on to keep me motivated and — dare I say it? — happy.

As a fan of Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project (book and blog), I know that many things can contribute to one’s happiness, from kittens and rainbows and enjoyable activities, to personal relationships and spirituality. I know that deep, abiding happiness is not the same thing as momentary delight. I also happen to know that organizing, and being organized, makes Gretchen very happy! (more…)

All I Really Need to Know About Organizing I Learned in Yoga

woman and yoga

As a professional organizer I have found that yoga provides a perfect metaphor for the balance we are all seeking in our lives. Balance helps us organize our space, manage our time, and improve our relationships with ourselves and others.

Here are 7 lessons I have learned from yoga class. They are all based on, but not limited to, Bikram yoga, an intense 90-minute workout consisting of 26 poses, done in 105 degrees, and 40 percent humidity. The idea behind the heat is partly to sweat toxins out of your body, but it also enables you to go deeper into the poses, getting greater benefit from each one, without hurting yourself.

2020 NOTE: This post predates the 2017 conviction of Bikram Choudhury for sexual assault and harassment. Ugh! (I totally believe the allegations.) But the principles in this blog post are timeless and universal.