Readers’ Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

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George and Callie get cozy and sleep well.

In last month’s issue of Org4life News I offered up my recent blog post, Organize Your Thoughts for a Better Night’s Sleep, and asked for readers’ tips.

Here’s what I received:

Regarding getting a good night’s sleep, I will admit that many of the suggestions I would have made are already on your “list”. In addition I might suggest would be to feng shui the bedroom. Having a window or interesting artwork (etc) in your line of vision can calm the mind and readdress thoughts. Thinking of the bedroom and bedtime as a positive force, a place to relax and kick back also helps. — Suzy M. Hart, Smhart Solutions, Inc., Deerfield, IL

ZzzQuil….nectar of the gods! – Jane Severance, Denver CO

For a good night’s sleep, I think it’s important to have a routine that you do consistently, just like we do with our kids. You can develop your own “wind down” rituals and do them every night. You can do whatever works for you, but it should be consistent and something that is easy to do–take a bath, hot cup of herbal tea, gentle stretching, aromatherapy, reading, etc. Turn off the TV and computer ahead of time and do your thing. Mine is: take dogs out for short walk, get stuff ready for the morning (set alarm, lay out clothes, put vitamins and supplements in a small container, set coffee machine up, etc.), then I turn down the bed, spray some lavender on my pillow, read for a few minutes, ahhhh… — Kelley Nellius, Suncoast Space Solutions, Naples, FL

The room temperature (I like it cooler) and my pillow are both important factors in getting a good night’s sleep. I have found that cooling pillows don’t stay cool, but the shape and density is also important. The type I currently like is the Sobakawa buckwheat pillow.– Willard Anderson, Albuquerque NM

My sleep tip is soothing music. When my son was an infant, we played music to help him sleep. Later, after being diagnosed with ADHD the music helped put his thoughts to rest for the night. Hope this helps! —  Bev McMahon, SPACE! Professional Organizers, Allentown, PA

When my clients have problems falling asleep or staying asleep, I offer 3 possible solutions to help them get the rest they need: 1) I ask about their pre-bedtime routine, and suggest they turn off computers/TV/iPads at least an hour before going to bed. This gives the brain a chance relax and ‘power down’. 2) I recommend using EMF-protective Rejuvenizers to shield from the frequencies generated by WiFi fields, cell phones, and other electronic/electrical devices that often disturb sleep — or at least turn them off to reduce the EMF. 3) If stress is causing repetitive thoughts (“monkey mind”), a Reiki treatment can clear energy blockages, relax and restore deeper, more restful sleep. — Martyne Backman, Stress Free Environments, Albuquerque NM

What are YOUR best sleep tips? Please tell us in the comments below.

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