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2014-09-26 13.09.13

Magnetic clips keep LeAnn’s lists handy!

2014-09-26 13.07.47

For privacy, just turn the lists around when company comes.

I love when my clients come up with their own solutions!

LeAnn and I had just finished creating her Morning and Evening Routines, as well as her Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Checklists. We also had broken down a few large projects down into smaller, do-able tasks, each with its own Project Sheet.

I keep my lists in a binder, but I created them on my computer so I can print a new copy when I need one. I like to cross items off as I complete them, and to make notes on the paper copies for one-time tasks and checklists upgrades. However, LeAnn’s lists are handwritten, and she didn’t think putting them in a binder would work for her. (Out of sight, out of mind, you know.)

We were working at her kitchen table. She looked around and wondered aloud, “What if I clear the magnets off the fridge and keep the checklists there?“ Did someone just say, “clear the magnets off the fridge”? (Normally my first suggestion for a kitchen, but LeAnn had not previously expressed dissatisfaction with hers.) And did someone just come up with their own fabulous idea? Music to my ears!

2014-09-19 16.12.54

Refrigerator BEFORE

So she used magnetic clips for attaching the lists to the fridge. And she put the lists into plastic page protectors which allow her to use them over and over by using a dry erase marker. The lists on the fridge are right by the kitchen table where she eats and works, so she sees them multiple times per day. (No out of sight, out of mind!) She even added a clip for receipts and one for recipes she wants to try next.

LeAnn’s only concern was that maybe she didn’t want visitors seeing her lists. I suggested adding “pretty paper” – solid colors, patterns, photos – behind each list in the page protector. Then when company comes she can simply turn them around for privacy. So that’s what she did.

This exact solution might not work for you….but maybe it will give you some good ideas.

Have you created your own checklists? Where do you keep them? How do you use them?

Please share in the comments below!

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