Genealogy Resource Roundup

My own 4-generation pedigree chart. And my paternal grandparents. Aren’t they cute?

Are you ready to explore your family history?

Here are some resources I’ve gathered for you, in the following categories, to help you get started:

  • Org4lilfe Services
  • Org4life Blog Posts
  • Related Resource Roundups
  • Programs for Your Computer
  • Free Research Websites
  • Paid Research Websites
  • Tools & Forms
  • Books
  • Blogs (other people’s)
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Facebook Groups
  • Conferences
  • Webinars
  • Libraries
  • DIY Family Website
  • DNA

This list is by no means exhaustive!  (I also don’t want to overwhelm you.) It’s mostly a list of websites and tools I use myself. (If you want exhaustive, check out Cyndi’s List below.)

Please let me know if you find something here that helps you!

And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask!

(P.S. There’s a search box on my blog.)


Org4life Services

Family History Research Services

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Org4life Blog Posts

CATEGORY: Genealogy

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Related Resource Roundups


Photo & Memorabilia

Emergency Preparedness

Software for Your Computer

Family Tree Maker

Roots Magic

There are lots more perfectly good programs, but those two are very popular and they both sync with Ancestry.

Free Research & Resource Websites

Me (left) with genealogy rock star Cyndi Ingle. I have used  Cyndi’s List since its inception in 1996, and got to meet her in person when she came to visit the New Mexico Genealogical Society a few years ago.

Family Search


Google Maps

Cyndi’s List

National Archives

Find A Grave

FREE Genealogy Cheat Sheets (among other things) — Thomas MacEntee, Genealogy Bargain$

Albuquerque Public Library Genealogy Center (Check your local library for online genealogy resources!)

Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free & Borrowable Books

Subscription Research Websites

Check your local library for limited versions of these sites, which you may be able to use for free online or in person.

Paid Research Help

How to Hire a Professional Genealogist — Association of Professional Genealogists

Many research websites such as Ancestry and Family Search offer paid help.

Tools & Forms

Family Group Sheet (Ancestry)

Family Relationship Chart (aka Cousin Chart)

DNA Match Chart (“The Green One”)

Handwriting Helps (Family Search)

Blank Census Forms (Ancestry)

Part 3 — Dig Deeper & Climb Higher — is all about genealogy!


What’s a Photo Without the Story? How to Create Your Family Legacy — Hazel Thornton (Part 3 — Dig Deeper & Climb Higher — is all about genealogy!)

500 Best Genealogy & Family History Tips (2015 Edition) — Thomas MacEntee

Genealogy Standards Second Edition  — Board for Certification of Genealogists

Family Photo Detective: Learn How to Find Genealogy Clues in Old Photos and Solve Family Photo Mysteries — Maureen A. Taylor

Genealogy: Your Family History, Doing It Right The First Time  — Valerie Hughes

Official Guide to, 2nd edition — George G. Morgan

The Basic Genealogy Checklist: 101 Tips & Tactics To Find Your Family History Henrietta M. Christmas & Paul F. Rhetts

Blogs (other people’s)

Organize Your Family History — Janine Adams

Modern Genealogy Made Easy — Amy Johnson Crow

Are You My Cousin? — Lisa Lisson

The Photo Detective — Maureen Taylor

The Legal Genealogist — Judy G. Russell


The Genealogy Guys  — George G. Morgan & Drew Smith

Generations Cafe — Amy Johnson Crow

Getting to Good Enough — Janine Adams and Shannon Wilkinson (episode 20 is specifically about Genealogy)

The Photo Detective — Maureen Taylor


The Barefoot Genealogist — Ancestry’s Crista Cowan (series)

Genealogy in a Minute — Ancestry’s Crista Cowan (series)

An Introduction: Genealogical Proof Standard — Ancestry

Is Everyone a Descendant of Royalty? — UsefulCharts

Facebook Groups

The Genealogy Squad — George G. Morgan & Drew Smith (The Genealogy Guys), Cyndi Ingle (Cyndi’s List), Cari A. Taplin (Genealogy Pants)

(There are Facebook groups for almost every ethnicity, religion, surname, timeframe, and location you can imagine. Just search for them!)


Rootstech — Next: March 2-4, 2023.

SCGS Genealogy Jamboree — Next: August 19-27, 2022. (Genetic Genealogy + Jamboree + JamboFREE)


Southern California Genealogy Society  (Free to everyone when first presented live. Members have access to the archives.)

Family Tree Webinars  (Free to everyone when first presented live. Members have access to the archives.)

My Heritage Facebook Live Series (Free)


There are way too many to list! But at the least you should know about…

LDS Family History Centers

Your local library might have a genealogy section. Mine has an entire floor!

DIY Family Website

The Next Generation (TNG) — This is the program I used to build my Thornton Family History page on this website. (I’m not saying it was easy. I needed help and you might too.)


DNA Match Chart (“The Green One”)

The Best DNA Test For Ancestry (2020) — Dan Miller (detailed comparisons)

The 17 Best DNA Upload Sites of 2022: Get Additional Analysis of Your Raw DNA File (From 23andMe, AncestryDNA, & MyHeritage) — Genomelink Blog

How to Delete Your Data from every DNA testing service — KnowYourDNA


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