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Mom’s Boxes Part 2: Panning for gold

My 2nd great grandmother

My 2nd great-grandmother,
Margaret Keysling Hankins Smelser (1833-1921), of whom I’d never seen a photo. Gold!

When my mom died, in 2001, she left us 33 boxes of scrapbooks and other memorabilia. Not 33 scrapbooks; 33 moving boxes full of them. In Mom’s Boxes Part 1: The Shed I described what we did with them for 16 years, and why I’m finally going through them now with my brother Mike.


We’re making progress…..

I’ve been posting on Facebook about this project (#momsboxes), including photos of some of our great finds. People leave comments like, “Wow, what a wonderful treasure trove you’ve got there!”

Well….yes and no. The analogy that comes to mind is panning for gold. Do you know how many tons of sand and silt one must sift through to find a few nuggets of gold?!


Mom’s Boxes Part 1: The shed

See that wall of boxes in the back?

When my mom died, in 2001, she left us 33 boxes of scrapbooks. Not 33 scrapbooks; 33 moving boxes full of them.

By scrapbooks I mean albums, binders, and notebooks full of memorabilia — photos, cards, letters, memoirs, and souvenirs. And who knows what else? These are in addition to the scrapbooks and photo albums she created for each of her four kids specifically, which we already have in our possession.

As her executor, guess what I did with them?


Have you seen Hazel Thornton’s Photo Clutter Flow Chart?

PHOTO Clutter Flow Chart - Custom Branded SAMPLE

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That’s weird…why is this post written in third person? Because it was written by Lisa Kurtz, Director of Operations and Training for the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO), that’s why! Her original blog post is only viewable by APPO members, so she agreed I could share it with you here. As a newly-certified APPO member, I’m proud to add this chart to my Clutter Flow Chart Collection, and delighted that Lisa and APPO Founder Cathi Nelson liked it too!

“With the average consumer buried in 1000’s of print and digital photos, their biggest challenge is learning how to clear away the clutter. Hazel takes a complicated task and breaks it down into an easy-to-follow process for anyone. Her Photo Clutter Flow Chart will help you find your best and most meaningful photos so you can enjoy your family stories over and over again.”  Cathi Nelson, Founder – Association of Personal Photo Organizers


Save Your Photos!

APPO photo guideToday is the 2nd annual International Save Your Photos Day.

But, really… isn’t every day Save Your Photos Day?

I am reminded of the old television PSA: Do you know where your children are?

Do you know where your precious memories, captured in photographs, are?


Don’t Forget the 7 Ps! you ever thought about what you would take if you had to pack up and leave your home in a hurry?

I posed that question to my Org4life News readers a couple of summers ago during one of our particularly bad fire seasons here in New Mexico. Brenda K. had just evacuated her home in Los Alamos due to the forest fire raging there at the time. She told me she followed “The 7 Ps” when packing up her car: