Six Organizing Systems Everyone Needs — System #4: Paper Flow

overflowing paper inboxHow well are your organizing systems working for you?

In the introduction to this series I shared the following:

What is a system?
What 6 organizing systems do I think everyone needs?
What 5 questions can you ask yourself to see if your systems are still working for you, or if they need tweaking?

Now let’s take a closer look at each system…

System #4: Paper Flow

WHO brings in the mail? WHO pays the bills? Do kids bring home schoolwork and artwork?

WHAT tools do you need – An action file, or other method of keeping track of paper To-Dos? Trash can, recycle bin, and paper shredder? Long term filing system and artwork/memorabilia storage?

WHEN will you process incoming paper — Daily? Weekly? WHEN will you pay the bills? WHEN will you do other paper-related tasks? HOW OFTEN will you purge unwanted and unnecessary papers?

WHERE will you sort incoming paper — The kitchen counter? A conveniently located desk or table? WHERE will you pay the bills? WHERE will you do other paper-related tasks? WHERE will you accumulate magazines and other reading material? (Don’t forget to purge them before your container overflows!)

WHY do you need a system for paper flow? So you get bills paid and other tasks done on time, thus avoiding late fees, missed opportunities, and other negative consequences. So you don’t lose important papers in mystery piles on the kitchen table, when you’d really rather enjoy a meal there. So you don’t have a whole house full of kids’ papers by the time they graduate. So you can relax, knowing exactly how and when you’ll deal with those papers!

What are your challenges and tips for managing paper flow?

Please share in the comments below!

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If you need help tweaking your systems, or implementing new ones, ask a friend or call a professional organizer.

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  1. I have found that the piles that grow from unresolved paper issues not only prevents me from finding specific things I am looking for, but it poses a mental burden as well. Seeing ‘stuff’ accumulate makes me feel anxious and scattered. When I am diligent and deal with paperwork as it presents itself I feel not only more more organized, but in a better mood too! Great info Hazel.

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