Genealogy Resource Roundup

Me (left) with genealogy rockstar Cyndi Ingle (right).

Here are some genealogy resources for you to get started with.

It is by no means exhaustive! If you want exhaustive, check out Cyndi’s List below. (I have known of Cyndi Ingle for decades now, and got to meet her in person when she came to visit the New Mexico Genealogical Society. See photo →)

Please let me know if you find something here that helps you!

Org4life Services

Family History Research Services

Org4life Blog Posts

New! Climbing your never-ending family tree

New! What’s a photo without the story?

How to do genealogy research at any budget

Top 10 Reasons Why Genealogy is for Everybody!

The Gift of an Organized Family Tree

Puzzling Out Your Family History

Family History Lost & Found

Mother’s Day — Gifts I Got from Mom

Who Do You Think You Look Like?

The Basic Genealogy Checklist

Family history: How to organize your genealogy research materials

Family history: Why organize it if you don’t care about genealogy?

Programs for Your Computer

Family Tree Maker (the one I use)

Roots Magic

There are more, of course, but these two are very popular and both now sync with Ancestry.

Free Research Websites

Family Search


Google Maps

Cyndi’s List

Albuquerque Public Library Genealogy Center

Paid Research Websites

Tools & Forms

Family Group Sheet

Family Relationship Chart

Ancestry Clutter Flow Chart

DNA Match Chart

Blogs (other people’s)

Coming soon!

Podcasts (other people’s)

Coming soon!

Videos (instructional)

Coming soon!

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