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Are your keepsakes a legacy, or a liability?

Mom's punch bowl, usually used for fruit, is being used here for pecans.

Mom’s crystal punch bowl, usually used for fruit, is being used here for pecans.

Have you inherited keepsakes you don’t know what to do with?

I can’t tell you how many of my clients have had a garage or storage unit full of stuff they inherited from a loved one. These items represent a mix of emotions – memories good and bad; guilt over secretly wanting to reclaim the space they occupy; fear that they will accidentally discard a priceless heirloom. They are paralyzed with indecision: Am I betraying my loved one if I part with this item? Will I forget them if I don’t keep all their stuff? (I promise you won’t!) How, and where, can I get rid of it? How, and where, can I keep it?



The Original Pack-Rat?

Stock photo.of unidentified origin, frequently used on the internet and too cute not to!

Adorable, widely-used stock photo of unidentified origin.

My Placitas, NM client and I had spent hours cleaning out her garage, which was largely full of recyclables. We packed them into her pick-up truck, covered them with a tarp, and tied them down. All set to go to the recycle center! Except… the truck wouldn’t start. She fiddled around for a minute and then said, “I wonder if I have pack-rats?” Huh?

Sure enough, under the hood we found an engine compartment stuffed with leaves, sticks and rocks…and a nice little nest. A couple of hoses and wires had been chewed through. That truck wasn’t going anywhere. (more…)