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The End of an Era: RIP George


Curious George looking to see where I went. (I had gone outside to talk with my neighbor, Lonna.)

George was my constant companion for 17-1/2 years.

Social media friends got to see a lot of him.

He had his own Pinterest board.

And a Facebook photo album.

He died in December from multiple health conditions (OK, I had him euthanized, ugh!), and I miss him terribly. I know many pet owners who can relate, and I so appreciate those of you who expressed your condolences on Facebook, and those of you who sent cards to my home…!


Organizing with Cats

Are you familiar with the phrase “herding cats”? It refers to an attempt to control or organize entities which are uncontrollable.

Client's cat Joey. P.S. We decided to keep him!

Well, here are some fun and easy ways to organize with, and for, your cats at home:

Decorating With Cats

A pretty cat is the best accessory! Casey's toys are stored the same way you can hide kids’ toys — in attractive, yet functional, baskets.

George approves of my new area rug.

Containerizing Cats

Callie and Casey are enjoying their extra large cat, I mean shoe boxes!

George is testing one of my favorite organizing supplies, clear plastic shoe boxes.

Hiding the Evidence

Disguise your litter boxes as storage containers. The bottom boxes are ordinary storage bins. The ones on top are Clevercat top-entry litter boxes.

Use old litter pails to contain…um, unpleasant odors. You can decorate them if you want. I just labeled mine.

Keeping Kitty Off Your Keyboard

Look familiar?

George is in a box, elevated by another box.

This was my idea for keeping a client’s cat (Tommy the Terror Tabby) off of her jewelry-making workspace. Warning: NEVER tell the cat what the box is for, or it will NEVER sit there!

Two-pronged strategy: 1) a comfy basket RIGHT NEXT to the computer, and 2) tape to discourage trespassing while simultaneously allowing me access to the keyboard.

3-tier IKEA RASKOG cart placed right next to desk.

Nice basket, right next to computer, in the sun, with view of hummingbird feeder. Ahhh!

Letting Them Help You

(Because why fight it?)

George helping me with office paperwork.

Casey helping me organize my closet.

Emily helping me clean out my fridge.

Client’s kitty Huan Huang (which means Yellow + Happy in Chinese) helping us sort and purge. I won’t tell him what the label says if you won’t!

George helping me fix a broken chair.

How do YOU organize with, and for, your cats?

Please share with us in the comment section below!

Featuring: George, Callie, Casey (RIP), Emily (RIP), Tommy the Terror Tabby, Joey, and Huan Huang.

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