Org4life Holiday Roundup

HOlidaysMy website has a great search feature, but I thought I’d make things a little easier for you by gathering all my holiday tips and tricks in one handy place!

The links below are all Org4life posts. Check out my Holiday Resource Roundup page for even more tips, videos, checklists, infographics, flow charts, and free printables from lots of sources!


Organizing to De-Stress Your Holidays (all of them)

What are “holidays” and why are they so stressful? A holiday is any special occasion, all year round, which involves extra preparations; extra time, money and energy; and families. Examples include birthdays, weddings, religious holidays, and secular holidays. Stress results when you have unrealistic expectations of yourself and others.  If you can identify with this definition, keep reading for some tips that will help to reduce holiday stress in four major areas of your life.  Read more →


No More Holiday Card Guilt!

Two friends posted on Facebook yesterday about receiving their first holiday card of the season. One wrote: “I love, love, love going to my mailbox this time of year!…Doin’ a little dance!” The other wrote: “I think it is too early for sending Christmas cards…Maybe it bugs me because I haven’t even made my list yet.” Well, my own first wave of cards would also have landed in mailboxes yesterday, and the last thing I want is to make anyone feel inadequate! Here are my suggestions for alleviating holiday card stress and guilt:  Read more →


Clutter-Free Gift Ideas

Can we all agree that the best gifts are fun to give, fun to get, and fit within our personal budgets? To that I’d like to add that the best gifts are very often not things. Here are some of my favorite clutter-free gift ideas.  Read more →


  Do you follow proper wish list etiquette?

Are you reluctant to create a wish list because you think (or have been told) that it’s materialistic? Selfish? Rude? Miss Manners may frown on wish lists, but Miss Hazel thinks they can be handy communication tools and a great relief to gift givers and recipients alike.  Read more →


How (and Why) to Organize Your Wish List

Do you have a Wish List? Why not? Because you aren’t 5 anymore and still writing letters to Santa? That’s no excuse! Wish Lists are a great way to de-stress the holidays and gift-giving occasions all year long.  Read more →


Is Your Guest Room Guest Worthy?

Of course it’s nice to have a spare room devoted to only guests, but not everyone has that luxury. The guest room often doubles as an office, a den, a laundry-folding station, or even a child’s room, with the kids doubling up when company comes. But no matter where you put your guests, there are ways to make them feel more comfortable and make things easier for YOU, too.  Read more →


What is your favorite holiday organizing tip? Please share with us in the comments below!

Here’s to your stress-free, clutter-free holidays, all year long!

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  1. I don’t know if it is my favorite tip, but I always suggest you set up a basket or bag for “spirit wear” at this time of year. Every set of antlers or santa hats or jingle necklaces or whatever now has a place to live until the holiday is over and you can pack it up and put it away.

    • “Spirit wear”, LOL! That doesn’t exist at my house (it’s just me and the cats, and I guess we aren’t very spirited), but for most families, it’s definitely a category I hadn’t considered that needs organizing. Thanks for the tip, Seana!

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