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DIY Photo Organizing

— with Chantal Imbach and Fiona McLauchlan Staff in Australia 

The SOS Show

— with James Lott Jr. in Los Angeles (video — 42 min.)

Declutter Hub Podcast

— with Ingrid Jansen in London (video & audio — 38 min.)

The Streamlined Connection

— with Miriam Ortiz y Pino  in Albuquerque (video — 54 min.)


— same topic, pre-book, with John Hunt  (video & audio — 19 min.)

PWS (Photos With Sherita Podcast) #22

— same topic, pre-book, with Sherra Humphreys and Rita Norton


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Review of Hazel Thornton’s book “What’s a Photo Without the Story?”

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Life Story Links: November 16, 2021 — “Passing on an Heirloom”

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5 Questions to Ask Before Organizing Memorabilia

— Andi Willis, Good Life Photo Solutions, 5 Feb 2020

Organizing Your Family History

— for (SMEAD), Leiann Thompson and John Hunt, 09 Jul 2019

Interview with Hazel Thornton: Genealogist, Professional Organizer, Personal Photo Organizer and Author

— Janet Barclay, Your Organizing Business, 26 Jun 2019

Organizing for Your Legacy

— Professional Organizers Blog Carnival (sponsor), 21 Feb 2019

21 Things Photo Organizers Want You To Know

— The Photo Managers, 3 Dec 2018

Downsizing and Keeping Your Family Legacy

— YouTube panel discussion at the 2018 Before I Die New Mexico Festival, with Gail Rubin, Miriam Ortiz y Pino, and Karen Hyatt (78 min.)

What Does A Personal Photo Organizer Do With Her Own Family Photos?

— The Photo Mangers, blog post, 4 Jun 2018

Grandma’s Lawn Chairs: Do Your Photos Tell a Story?

— The Photo Managers, blog post, 16 Oct 2017

Who Do You Think You Look Like? The Mystery of Family Resemblances

— The Photo Managers, blog post, 5 Jun 2017


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