Time Management

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Ever wonder just where your time goes?

Are you overwhelmed by your To-Do list? Anxious about getting everything done? Worried about one activity while trying to focus on another?

How would you like to spend less time doing what you have to do, and more time doing what you want to do?

If being organized and managing your time makes you feel constrained, you are doing it wrong. A little structure allows you to work more effectively and frees your mind to play with abandon. Live your life by design, not by default!

Let’s figure out where your time goes, and how to get it back! Together we will look at your priorities and goals, and create Your Ideal Schedule.

  • Gain refreshing insights and learn life-changing strategies from your initial Time Management Consultation.
  • Practice and refine new skills with a 4 week Coaching program.
  • Ongoing Maintenance sessions are also available.

Virtual Services

Don’t live in Albuquerque? Not a problem!

Time Management is one of the easiest services to provide virtually (long distance).

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Listen to Hazel on the radio!

Let’s Talk Business New Mexico 770 KKOB AM Managing Your Time (38 minutes)

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