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September 2017 lunch with my friend, alternate juror Betty Oldfield (left), and defense attorney Leslie Abramson (right). In 1994 we were called “Leslie’s Girls”. It wasn’t meant as a compliment, but I’m proud to have been one. CLICK HERE to read an article called “Tried and True – True Crime Details from Local Menendez Juror” from the Sand Canyon Journal, Oct. 5, 2017

Cute photos of my book sent by readers

This links to a Facebook album. There are more on Instagram. I appreciate all photos, but the more context (you, your surroundings, a clever scenario) the better. Thank you!

Hazel – Menendez – Media – Book

(NOTE: This album is a work in progress, and will eventually feature images and links to Oprah, Dateline, 20/20, A&E, KOB4, etc.) 

Bookworks Hung Jury Event

Book signing and reading — January 2017 — Albuquerque

Menendez Lecture at Oasis Albuquerque & After Party

“A Juror’s Inside Scoop on the Menendez Murders Trials”, with special guest Robert Rand — January 2018 — CLICK HERE to learn more about public speaking availability.

Callahan Courtroom Cartoons

These cartoons, by the late John Callahan, were published in the LA Times during the first trial in 1993-4.

The Menendez Boxes Project 

Investigative journalist Robert Rand, who has followed the case from the beginning, and who interviewed me in 1994, gets Organized for Life! CLICK HERE to learn more about The Juror & The Journalist.

OMG. I’m a character in the LOTC series!!! Lily Rains plays 36-year-old me in Episodes 5, 6, and 7. (Especially Episode 7, deliberations.)

Lily Rains as Juror Hazel on TV

Blink and you’ll miss her in episodes 5 & 6, but she plays a prominent, accurate role deliberating with her fellow jurors in Episode 7!

#MenendezMurders Preview Event

9/26/17 preview event for Law & Order: The Menendez Murders at The Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles.

Preview Event Panel Discussion (39:12 min. video) with cast & creators


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