What’s your verdict?

Do you have reasonable doubt that the Menendez Brothers committed first-degree murder?

Not sure?

This flow chart can help you decide!

The flow chart elements are based on the 1st trial only, the one that ended in 1994 with two hung juries.

There were many differences between the two trials (as described in my book). For example, the judge gutted the defense by severely limiting evidence of the Menendez family life in the guilt phase of the trial. And he opted to not give the 2nd trial jury the instruction for Imperfect Self Defense, giving them no choice but to convict for first-degree murder.

–> CLICK IMAGE to view and print full-sized chart.

Following a string of high-profile losses in Los Angeles County, the 2nd Menendez trial was engineered to ensure murder convictions. “Pressure to Convict” and “1st Degree Murder FINALLY” are from the Judge’s and DA’s perspectives, not mine. CLICK IMAGE to view and print full-sized chart.

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