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Clutter Flow Charts — FOR YOU

Dear Readers,

I’m busily working on updating my flow chart workbook for you. It’s called “Go With The Flow! The Clutter-Clearing Tool Kit for an Organized Life.”

It will be an 8-1/2″ x 11″ landscape-oriented paperback book sold on Amazon (whereas the previous PDF edition was available only from my website).

The workbook will include ALL 17 CHARTS, 17 refreshed Companion Articles, and Worksheets with examples to get you started. The book also contains instructions, resources, and a special chart to help you to answer the question, “Which Clutter Flow Charts do I need?” Don’t worry, no one is expected to use ALL of them!

Please check back here, or subscribe to Org4life News, to learn when the paperback workbook will be ready for purchasing.

I am no longer selling individual charts, but you can download your complimentary copy of The Original Clutter Flow Chart, with no strings attached, here

Hazel Thornton 8/1/2022

I created the Clutter Flow Chart Collection

to help my organizing clients

continue the decluttering process

when I’m not right there by their sides.

Using these handy tools,

clutter of all kinds will simply flow

right out of your home, office, and life! 


Custom-Branded Clutter Flow Charts


Click here to learn more and view samples

All charts can be custom-branded for your business

— featuring YOUR logo, company colors, and contact info!

— for use with YOUR clients, presentations, and marketing! 

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