Time Management Resource Roundup

Organizers like to debate whether time can be managed. Well, of course, it can’t! Because all we can really manage is ourselves. But if we don’t simply call it “Time Management” what are we going to call it?

“Managing oneself in relationship to time, with the goal of being productive while also satisfying one’s creative, growth, social, practical, and recreational needs” is a mouthful!

That said, here is a list of Org4life blog posts on the subject of Time Management:

Are you wasting your “free time”?

If you haven’t been very productive lately, give yourself a break! Things are hard right now.

The Procrastitivity Zone

Is procrastination always a bad thing? I don’t think so!

Why you need a Project Box & a Master To-Do List

Just because you put it on the list doesn’t mean you have to do it!

WHY I Love Chores

Instead of resenting chores, it helps me to remember that I’m CHOOSING to make my life nicer.

Six Organizing Systems Everyone Needs — System #6: Getting Stuff Done

What is your system for getting stuff done? Does it need tweaking?

Are you too busy to live your life?

If you are too busy to do what’s important to you, then you are too busy.

Every YES is a NO to Something Else

Do you have an Ideal Schedule?

A little structure allows you to work more effectively, and frees your mind to play with abandon!

Wanna know my #1 time management tip?

The #1 best way to ensure it will get done is to schedule it on your calendar!

Make Your Own Checklists!

I’ve never met a checklist that I didn’t have to customize for myself. So I make my own.

Guilt-Free TV

If you watch mindfully and stick to your time and money budgets, you can watch TV guilt-free!

Which Task Management Tool is the Best?

Which task management tool is the BEST? The one you USE, of course!

The Chinese Menu Time Management Technique

Schedule some fun in your day, lest you get too busy and forget. It won’t happen by itself.

Organizing to De-Stress Your Holidays (all of them)

Holiday stress comes from having unrealistic expectations of yourself and others.

The 21 Day Habit Myth (Don’t Break the Chain!)

21 days may not be enough to create the habit you desire. But don’t give up!

Keep Your Checklists Handy

Are you doing the right things?

Yes, you really CAN afford it, and you really DO have the time!

What is Your Clutter Costing You?

Money Mondays: Are You Paying Your Money Enough Attention?

Getting Things Done (GTD)

Clear Your Mind and Get it All Done… Sooner or Later

Just 10 More Minutes

The 80/20 Rule is Your Friend

How to Live and Work by Design, not by Default

If being organized and managing your time makes you feel constrained, you are doing it wrong.

The Fractal Planner: An Electronic Task Management Tool Review

Success Breeds Success: Finish Something!

It’s About Time

Plan, Don’t Procrastinate (Read This Now!)

How to Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals