Organizing Kids Resource Roundup

sorting-toyI don’t work with kids that much. I’ve organized, and enjoyed organizing, kids’ rooms, of course. It’s just that I don’t specialize in them and haven’t written much about them. My colleagues have, though, and I’ve gathered some of my favorite resources together here for you. Enjoy!

From Org4life:

How to Create More S.P.A.C.E. in Your Life (applies to kids’ rooms too!)

The Kids’ Paper Clutter Flow Chart

Twin Girls’ Room Makeover (toy storage, closet, artwork…there are other client success stories that include kids’ rooms as well)

Playing the Game of Organizing (not written about kids, but applicable to them)

Back to School Resource Roundup

From Others:

25 Genius Ways to Organize Toys

16 LEGO Storage Options

How to Organize Your Kid’s Bedroom to Help Them Sleep Soundly

How to teach your child time management

How to turn your child into a capable task-master

Organizing Kids’ Closets

You’re Never Too Young to Get Organized: 4 Skills for Kids

Organizing With Preschoolers — Seana Turner

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids (infographic)

Children, Books, and Learning About Organizing — Seana Turner