Moving Resource Roundup

Moving boxesCongratulations! You’re moving! Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, moving for a change of scenery, a change in family, a change in career, or a change in life, this is an exciting, scary, fun, stressful time! The more organized you are, the less stressful it will be. Here are some resources to help you on your journey:

Read these first:

Organizing to De-Stress a Move (Org4life)

Why Moving Is the Best Opportunity to Declutter Your Home (Sparefoot)

Estate Organizing and Downsizing: The Initial Assessment  (Organized Assistant)

The Ultimate Moving Checklist: A Complete Guide to a Successful Move in Six Weeks (

Moving Checklist Template (One of many available internet checklists, this one by Martha Stewart)

Before the Movers Arrive (The Seana Method)

Before & During the Move:

Moveline (“Find trusted movers.”) I haven’t tried it, but it looks fun. Here’s a review of their service.

Who’s Afraid of Their Storage Unit? (Org4life)

Occupied Staging Clutter Flow Chart (Org4life) Are you trying to sell your house while still living in it? This chart and companion article will help you get a quick sale at top dollar!

How to organize your move… (A Bowl Full of Lemons) This is a nice blog post about organizing a move. I do things a little differently — for example my moving binder is organized A-Z — but this is good too.

How to Stay Organized During A Move (Sparefoot)

Time out for a little fun:

10 Charts That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Who’s Moving This Year (Buzzfeed)

After the move:

3 Tricks to Organizing a New Kitchen (Org4life)

Getting Back on Track (Org4life)

Home Staging to Stay, Not to Sell (Org4life)

Six Organizing Systems Everyone Needs — Intro (Org4life)

If that isn’t enough, here are more tips than you can shake a stick at:

Moving, Part 1 – Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

Moving, Part 2 – Professional Organizers Blog Carnival