Before & After Photos


Client Success Stories

Below are links to stories that have been featured in Org4life News and on Facebook.

The photo captions describe the challenges in each project, and what we did to overcome them.



Chocolate, Anyone? (artistic realtor’s home office)

Who Moved Lisa’s Furniture?! (new living room floorplan)

Mama Bear’s Home Office (dining table, desk in living room, storage)

Twin Girls’ Room Makeover (toy storage, closet, artwork)

The Cycle of Life (garage, craft supplies, inherited bicycle)

Teacher Gets an A+ (2nd grade classroom)

Creating a New Home Office from Scratch (moving home-based business from closet floor to desk)

Organized Client Gets More Organized! (garage, pantry, media, closet, entry)

Hazel’s Own Closet Makeover (clothes closet redesign)

Caitlin’s Home Office (desk, bookcases, safety, art)

Meryl’s Home Office Redesign (creating a functional space that clients will enjoy too)

Two-Room Redesign (furniture swapping between living room and playroom)

Scrapbooking Studio Makeover (in a garage)

Sandia Crest House: Going the Extra Mile (cafe and shop revitalization)

Making Room for One More (combining households)

Heidi Sheds Clutter, Stress & 30 Pounds! (whole house, kitchen, home office, kids’ rooms)

Teacher Gets Organized for the Rest of Her Life (retired teacher, library, office, living room, dining room)

The Art of Organizing (elementary art teacher’s classroom)

Organizing an Empty Nest (whole house, garage, shed, turning kids’ rooms into guest room and office)

Jewelry for a Colorful Life  (home office, jewelry studio garage)

Beads, Rings, and Wire (combo home office, jewelry studio and personal retreat)

Virtual Client Gets Organized (photos texted to me by long-distance client)

Holland’s Rose: A Haven for Deb & Les (medical hospitality house, post-fire)

3-hr. Garage Makeover (garage)

How Peggy Spent Her Summer Vacation (living room, laundry room, kitchen, artwork)

Messy Desk Article (Albuquerque the Magazine, June 2011)

Roommates Plan Ahead (combining households in a small apartment)

Nancy’s Attic Makeover (sewing room, guest room)

Make Room For Baby! (living, dining, nursery, playroom)

Helping Albuquerque Women E.A.R.N. (craft supplies, storage room)