What’s a Photo Without the Story?

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What’s a Photo Without the Story?

A guide to leaving your family legacy.


Who is this book for?
I hope this book encourages you — yes, you! — to tell your family stories; even — especially! — if you are not a genealogist, or a photo organizer, or a writer.

Each part includes:

WHY (Why tell your stories? …add photos? …dig deeper?…leave a legacy, not a burden?)

HOW TO (Specific tips aimed at YOUR level of interest and wherewithal — time, money, energy, and knowledge — whether low-effort, medium-effort, or high-effort).

PHOTO STORIES (Examples of my own family photos and the stories behind them.)



HOW TO read this book

Low-effort (if you do nothing else)
If you do nothing else, why not give a copy of this book to the historian, photographer, and/or storyteller in your family? If you read it, you’ll surely gain a greater appreciation of these family members and perhaps find ways to help them.

Medium-effort (your family will thank you)
Your family will thank you if you take action on some of the ideas you find in this book, and share your progress and results with them!

High-effort (ask for help if you need it)
Ask for help if you want to do more than you currently know how to do! Each chapter contains helpful resources.

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