Hazel’s Top Menendez Media Picks

The past 30 years have resulted in a plethora of Menendez news stories, documentaries, dramatizations, podcasts, articles, and books.

Most of the publications and other media from the 90’s are prosecution-biased, serving only to perpetuate the “greedy rich kids” narrative. And most of the ones from recent years (even the ones for I was interviewed) rely heavily on material that already exists (from the 90’s), and do not devote enough time for the media consumer to get the full, accurate picture of what really happened (and for the production team to get everything right).

Here are the ones I actually recommend:


Hung Jury: The Diary of a Menendez Juror by Hazel Thornton

The Menendez Murders by Robert Rand


Erik Tells All (A&E, December 2017)

This one also has redeeming moments: Truth and Lies (ABC, January 2017)


Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders (NBC, 8 episodes)


Getting Off Podcast: Episodes 86 & 87 (hosts Jessa & Nick), Episodes 93 & 94 (guest = me), Episodes 125 & 126 (guest = Robert Rand)

Complete First Trial Courtroom Video

CA v. Menendez (1993) — Court TV Trials on Demand





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