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(What’s the difference?)

Home Staging is a service that Realtors and Sellers use to make a home appeal to the largest possible number of potential buyers. If nothing else, the home must be de-cluttered and de-personalized. Staging highlights a home’s best features, minimizes its flaws, and enables potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. Organized For Life is certified to provide a comprehensive Curb-to-Back Fence Consultation, a fabulous place for Do-It-Yourself-ers to get started. We prioritize our recommendations based on your budget and goals. You can do the work yourself, or hire us to do as much or as little as you want. We specialize in occupied staging… using what you already own!

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living room before staging

Living Room

Staged Living Room

Staging makes a room look and feel more inviting!

dining room before staging

Who would want to live here?

dining room after

Who wouldn’t want to live here?

Interior Redesign (a.k.a. One-Day Room Makeover) is a service that YOU can use to make your house or apartment (old or new) feel more comfortable, more like YOUR home. We like to call it Staging For Life! Do you want that designer look without paying designer prices? Why wait until you move to “stage” your home? Let’s give it a fresh and inviting new look and feel — using your existing furnishings — all within a day, and without buying anything new! What better way to personalize your space than by using things you love and already own? We can create a “wish list” for things you desire, or really need to replace, but usually people have more than enough furniture, artwork, and accessories to choose from. “Shopping” your home can be a lot of fun! Selling or staying, when we’ve lived in a space for a long time we get used to the way things are. In fact, it becomes nearly impossible to envision them any other way. Sometimes you need “fresh eyes” to come give you an unbiased opinion and some great new ideas. Organized For Life is certified to provide Staging and Redesign services.

playroom before redesign

Playroom BEFORE REDESIGN: Kids only! Room cluttered with toys due to insufficient storage.

playroom after redesign

Playroom AFTER REDESIGN: Room for toys and grownups too! The wall unit (with plenty of great book & toy storage) is from the previously over-crowded living room.

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