Hits & Misses #4: 12 more things I’ve tried so you don’t have to

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Ready for some more Hits & Misses? (12 more things I’ve tried so you don’t have to.)

If you read just one, make it the first one, OK?


Adjust my side view mirrors according to this 2-minute video.

I have been on a crusade to get people to do this. It eliminates the blind spot we all think is unavoidable. Based on my asking around, and posting about it on FB, I am convinced that MOST people do NOT adjust their side view mirrors this way, and are missing out on the safety and peace of mind that can result from it. Just watch the video! HIT


OMG, this is not new, but it was new to me (several months ago now). How did I not know about this before? It’s a tool for stopping annoying robocalls and telemarketers. (The phone still rings once, but then it stops.) The only time (to my knowledge) that I’ve missed an important call was when my local power company notified us en masse that they would be turning off the power temporarily. (I learned as much from my neighbors.) A small price to pay for election season bliss, if you ask me! HIT

Cook hard-boiled eggs in the dishwasher

Oh, yes I did! Why not try it? It didn’t work, though. Not at all. There are plenty of people — they’re all on the internet, so it must be true, right? — who claim to have done this successfully. They must have hotter water, or or hotter dishwasher cycles than I do. I don’t know. Whatever. No incentive to try it again. MISS


See and hear a 5-minute video of a real person perusing your website or app. This is fun! You can get 3 tests for free each month. The apparent intelligence of your tester will vary, and it can be eye-opening to learn their thought process, which they voice out loud while navigating your website. Try it! HIT

Craft carousel

I have one of these that I use for office supplies. Looks like they’re still on sale at Michaels. HIT

Stretch and Fresh

The idea here is that these thin plastic food bowl covers are reusable and will save you (and the landfill) from spending money on disposable plastic wrap. I won’t say it doesn’t EVER work. But it didn’t work enough times, on enough surfaces (glass, metal, ceramic, etc) for me to be able to recommend it. Well, it didn’t work for me… which is what matters… MISS

Tape grid for arranging flowers

Create a grid with transparent tape to keep flowers in place in a large vase. This is a good one. I’ve done it for years! HIT

Kitty treats that double as toys

Someone gave me some Temptations Tumblers. You’re supposed to toss them onto the ground and watch as your cat has the time of his life playing with them before eating them. I tossed them onto the ground and George looked at me like, “I don’t get it. Why are you throwing my treats onto the ground?” (He didn’t play, but he did eat them.) Later, I bought some Friskies Pull ‘n Play string treats, fully expecting George to NOT play with them, but eat them. I was right on both counts. But there are cheaper treats. MISS


(Not to be confused with the Legacy Box Collection, sold by APPO, which are nice archival storage boxes for photos and other memorabilia.) This Legacybox is a service where you pay a fee, they send you a box, you fill it with photos, tapes, etc. and send it off to be digitized. I really wanted to try this so I could report back to you. But when it came right down to it, I couldn’t. Or at least I haven’t. My dilemma is this: Do I send off precious memories and risk having them be lost or damaged? (The alternatives being to do it myself, or do it locally.) Or, do I send off the discards, having weeded out duplicates and mistakes, just to see what happens, which seems like a waste of money? Granted, not using it at all, now that I have it, is also a waste of money. Fortunately I got mine at a deep holiday discount….over a year ago… UNRESOLVED

My photos of my Watermelon Cake.

Watermelon cake

When I first saw this on Pinterest I thought what a cruel joke it would be to cut into a cake and find out it was just a watermelon. But seriously, when you think about it, watermelon + other fruits + whipped cream + slivered almonds = fruit salad! And I love fruit salad! My brother doesn’t eat sugar, so I made this (with Stevia in the whipped cream) for his birthday. It was a HIT!

Prevent avocados from browning with cooking spray

Like in this article. No. It really wasn’t any better than leaving it out and letting it brown. (I used olive oil spray.) MISS

Plastic Egg Carton as Ice Cube Tray

Well, yes….it works….although it’s kinda flimsy. If you were going to routinely need extra ice cubes I would say to just go buy extra ice trays. But if you happened to need more ice cubes in a pinch….and if you happened to have some of these plastic egg cartons on hand….well, that’s the problem with a lot of “life hacks”, isn’t it? There are a lot of “ifs”.  OK

Have you tried any of these things? Were they Hits for you, or Misses?

What about the things listed in Hits & Misses #1, #2, and #3?

Please share with us in the comments below!

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  1. I love lists like this, Hazel! Where has Nomorobo been all my life? I should have read this last year. I get so many calls… makes me want to eliminate my home phone!

    • Thanks, Seana! There were a few steps in implementing Nomorobo, but I love when the phone rings….and then stops ringing! Not ready to give up my home phone. For me it’s the equivalent of having a business line. My cell phone is for me, not for the world.

  2. So many great ideas! I can vouch for the watermelon cake. I made one last year for my daughters 2nd birthday. I will definitely sign up for Nomorobo. Also, the tape grid for arranging flowers is a great idea. I just need to remember it the next time I get flowers (which is rare).

    • Hi Jodi, I have an idea for you regarding floral arranging: Why not get a roll of tape and actually store it inside your wide-opening vase? (Or at least on the same shelf as the vases.)

  3. I haven’t tried any of these, but I did watch the video (because I always do what I’m told). I will definitely keep the scotch tape in mind the next time I have cut flowers (assuming I can remember by then, since it will probably be a very long time…)

  4. This is a very cool list of unusual things. I like how you’ve rated each one too. I’ve never tried making hard boiled eggs in the dishwasher (never heard of that either,) but I did try making them differently than I normally do. Instead of boiling the eggs in water for 20 minutes, I cooked them only until the water simmered. After that, I put the lid on, turned off the heat and let them stand for 17 minutes. I poured out the hot water, poured on cold water, and let them sit for 20 more minutes. They came out perfectly and were very easy to peel also.

    • I’ve tried and read so many ways to cook eggs that I could write a Hit or Miss blog post about it! Haven’t tried your specific way, though — taking them off the heat and letting them stand. But you can bet I will!

    • I was just reading some mixed reviews about Norway Silicone Lids, at your suggestion. I’m glad they work for you!

  5. Great post Hazel! I love the phone idea, but unfortunately it doesn’t work with my provider 🙁 I found the eggs in the dishwasher funny because a few years ago I heard about a chef who cooked his Thanksgiving turkey in there! Guess we shouldn’t underestimate the ability of our dishwasher! Thanks for all the wonderful information!

    • I don’t know who or why anyone would want to cook in their dishwasher, but it seemed like a harmless experiment. 🙂

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