Hits & Misses #3 — 12 More Things I’ve Tried So You Don’t Have To


Back by popular demand! By the way, I am not affiliated with any of the products I promote. I just either like them, or I don’t. Enjoy!

The Hot Spoon Method of stopping the itch of a mosquito bite – I’ve tried every preventative tactic and topical ointment known to mankind. Too many to list here. Just want you to know this one works! I don’t let the water run until hot, though. I heat a cup of water for 1 minute in the microwave and dip the spoon in for a few seconds. Press to skin, as soon as bearable, for 10 seconds or however long the heat lasts. Repeat with same hot water for additional bites. HIT

Soft Washable Duvet Cover – I use a comforter (duvet insert) and a soft, washable duvet cover instead of a top sheet, blanket and bedspread. Really simplifies bed-making! I got the idea years ago on a cruise ship and I’ve never looked back. In the summer I use a lighter-weight comforter (duvet insert).  HIT

The Burrito Method (video) of putting on a duvet cover – It works, but it definitely works better with my light-weight summer comforter than it does my bulky winter comforter. HIT & MISS

Healthy Oatmeal Cookies – I love oatmeal cookies! But you know the ones with the banana for sweetener, and applesauce for moisture? No. Blech. MISS

TimeTrade — I use this reasonably-priced service for scheduling client appointments. I’ve been using it to schedule lunch and coffee dates as well. It really cuts down on the e-mail and phone tag that usually accompanies the process of determining a mutually agreeable date and time. HIT

Business card scanners — I have never tried a portable scanner that was actually able to read enough of the business cards, or to accurately populate enough of the form fields with accurate data (without manual editing) to make them worthwhile. MISSEvernote logo

Evernote for business cards (and many other things) – For business cards just take a photo and save it to Evernote, which has free and paid versions. It can read the words on the card so you can search for it later. It does not create a database for you, though, if that’s what you wanted. HIT earhoox

Earhoox I have tiny ear canals, which makes it really difficult to find earphones and earbuds that work for me. I don’t know how many I’ve tried — different sizes, over-the-ear styles (some of which were great, some not), etc. Finally I saw these little rubber gadgets that work with ear buds and hook into the fold of my ear. They stay in and are comfy. That’s all I wanted! Just pay attention to which is L and which is R. HIT

Dental Floss Picks (the bad kind) – I hate these because the grip and angle are all wrong, and the floss is too thin and too rigid. My dental hygienist hates them because the floss does not wrap around the tooth to any degree. MISS

Dental Floss Picks (the good kind) – I introduced my dental hygienist to these, and she agrees they are good because the floss is thicker and more flexible. I like the angle and grip much better. Sadly, I can only find the good kind lately on the internet, in bulk, whereas the stores are full of the bad kind. HIT

Shout Color Catcher — It works, I guess, but I hesitate to put it to an extreme test with a pure white item of clothing that I value. Seems to me like the Color Catcher cloth would absorb some of the color and so would the white clothing item. I would still advise washing new, dark items separately a few times before mingling with lights. (Those are my main laundry categories: lights and darks, with only an occasional white load.) OK

Lynda.com offers thousands of video courses in software, creative, and business skills. So far my experience is limited to a course called Pinterest for Business. What I like about it is that it’s split up into many short segments. I’ve also found free instructional videos on YouTube, but these are of higher quality and more professionally presented. There is a fee, but I discovered I have free access thru my local public library, so check it out! HIT

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  1. Love this series! I’m also in the duvet camp–so much easier to make the bed–but I’ve never found a method to get the duvet in the cover easily. I will have to revisit the burrito method. I can also vouch for heat on bug bites. Last year I had a lot of mystery bites that tormented me so I resorted to blow drying my legs, LOL. At first it made the itching even worse, but if I stuck with it, the itching went away. You have to be cautious with the heat though!

    • Thanks, Nancy! It’s a fun series for me to write. You’ll notice The Burrito Method was both a HIT and a MISS depending on duvet bulkiness. I tell you what, thought…I think all I’d have to do is alter the opening of the cover (open it to the edges) to make it work. Add a couple more buttons to keep the cover in. I’ve never heard of blow-drying for itchiness…think I’ll stick to the Hot Spoon Method!

    • Ah, well, everything’s relative, isn’t it? I clearly like one hard-to-find-anymore floss pick better than the other, more ubiquitous kind, but manual flossing is always best….if you really do it, that is. My dental hygienist agrees that the good kind of floss pick is WAY better than not flossing at all (which I do, but many don’t). And I don’t actually USE the Color Catchers. I TRIED the Color Catchers. There’s a difference! I was curious, that’s all. These posts aren’t necessarily about the BEST ways to do things…and who’s to say what’s best for someone else?… they’re about things I’ve tried and whether or not I liked them. 🙂

  2. I’ll definitely have to check out the Earhoox. I, too, must have tiny ear canals as I’ve never found ear buds to be comfortable. A couple years ago my husband and I went on a Mediterranean cruise and many of the excursions we went on required you to use earphones to listen to the tour guide and they just wouldn’t fit in my ear. I had to rely on my husband the whole time, all while listening to his digs about my tiny ears!

  3. What a fun post! I just started using TimeTrade this summer and I really like it. My only problem is getting other people to use it regularly, but we are getting there. I’m going to go check out Lynda.com. I love good educational sites. Thanks for doing the hitting and missing for us!

    • Alas, we don’t have Shoppers Drug Mart. I used to find it at regular drug stores, not sure why there are SO MANY versions of the “bad” kind in our local stores? Amazon it is, for me! I don’t use Evernote to its full potential, but it does come in handy!

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