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Let’s Play Organizing & Productivity Bingo!

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Ever wonder how organized and productive you really are?

Not sure if you need to hire a professional organizer?

Ready for a fun new way to test your skills?

Let’s play Organizing & Productivity Bingo!



Hits & Misses #3 — 12 More Things I’ve Tried So You Don’t Have To


Back by popular demand! By the way, I am not affiliated with any of the products I promote. I just either like them, or I don’t. Enjoy!

The Hot Spoon Method of stopping the itch of a mosquito bite – I’ve tried every preventative tactic and topical ointment known to mankind. Too many to list here. Just want you to know this one works! I don’t let the water run until hot, though. I heat a cup of water for 1 minute in the microwave and dip the spoon in for a few seconds. Press to skin, as soon as bearable, for 10 seconds or however long the heat lasts. Repeat with same hot water for additional bites. HIT


Decluttering Your Facebook Friend List

FACEBOOK FRIEND Clutter Flow Chart

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I’ve joked before about Facebook friend clutter, but never really felt the need to do anything about it. Who cares if a friend never posts, or has abandoned their account without deleting it? How is that hurting me? (more…)

MORE Hits & Misses: 12 More Things I’ve Tried So You Don’t Have To

What can I say? I’m on a roll. Plus, y’all seemed to enjoy the first batch!

My new vacuuming accessory.

Hearing Protection — I got these “food industry earmuffs”, because they were the cheapest ones I could find, on the theory that if I could reduce the noise of vacuuming, I would vacuum more often. Yes, vacuum. (more…)

Hits & Misses: 12 Things I’ve Tried So You Don’t Have To

2015-05-01 08.03.33

Frozen bananas

I enjoy trying new things. Maybe you do too, or maybe my experiences will save you some trouble.

Freezing bananas with their skins on. I use frozen bananas (which I usually peel before freezing) in smoothies instead of ice cubes. When I recently left for a trip I had a couple of bananas sitting around and decided to stick them in the freezer as is because I’d heard that would work too. (more…)

My Best College Dorm Room Tips are…um, Geralin Thomas’s

Printable_10-Important-To-Dos-Before-Heading-To-College-231x300I don’t work a lot with students. But, last year I re-pinned something awesome I found on Pinterest, created by my colleague Geralin Thomas, owner of Metropolitan Organizing.

It was a post called Setting Up a College Dorm Room.

Ironically…sadly…frustratingly, it has become MY SINGLE MOST OFTEN re-posted pin! (Sigh…of all the other things I’ve created myself and posted…) So, I’m just saying, that’s how I know that college students LOVE THESE IDEAS!!!!!! (more…)

Organizing with Cats

Are you familiar with the phrase “herding cats”? It refers to an attempt to control or organize entities which are uncontrollable.

Client's cat Joey. P.S. We decided to keep him!

Well, here are some fun and easy ways to organize with, and for, your cats at home:

Decorating With Cats

A pretty cat is the best accessory! Casey's toys are stored the same way you can hide kids’ toys — in attractive, yet functional, baskets.

George approves of my new area rug.

Containerizing Cats

Callie and Casey are enjoying their extra large cat, I mean shoe boxes!

George is testing one of my favorite organizing supplies, clear plastic shoe boxes.

Hiding the Evidence

Disguise your litter boxes as storage containers. The bottom boxes are ordinary storage bins. The ones on top are Clevercat top-entry litter boxes.

Use old litter pails to contain…um, unpleasant odors. You can decorate them if you want. I just labeled mine.

Keeping Kitty Off Your Keyboard

Look familiar?

George is in a box, elevated by another box.

This was my idea for keeping a client’s cat (Tommy the Terror Tabby) off of her jewelry-making workspace. Warning: NEVER tell the cat what the box is for, or it will NEVER sit there!

Two-pronged strategy: 1) a comfy basket RIGHT NEXT to the computer, and 2) tape to discourage trespassing while simultaneously allowing me access to the keyboard.

3-tier IKEA RASKOG cart placed right next to desk.

Nice basket, right next to computer, in the sun, with view of hummingbird feeder. Ahhh!

Letting Them Help You

(Because why fight it?)

George helping me with office paperwork.

Casey helping me organize my closet.

Emily helping me clean out my fridge.

Client’s kitty Huan Huang (which means Yellow + Happy in Chinese) helping us sort and purge. I won’t tell him what the label says if you won’t!

George helping me fix a broken chair.

How do YOU organize with, and for, your cats?

Please share with us in the comment section below!

Featuring: George, Callie, Casey (RIP), Emily (RIP), Tommy the Terror Tabby, Joey, and Huan Huang.

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Hits & Misses: 12 Things I’ve Tried So You Don’t Have To

In Praise of Clear Plastic Shoe Boxes

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The Original Pack-Rat?

Stock photo.of unidentified origin, frequently used on the internet and too cute not to!

Adorable, widely-used stock photo of unidentified origin.

My Placitas, NM client and I had spent hours cleaning out her garage, which was largely full of recyclables. We packed them into her pick-up truck, covered them with a tarp, and tied them down. All set to go to the recycle center! Except… the truck wouldn’t start. She fiddled around for a minute and then said, “I wonder if I have pack-rats?” Huh?

Sure enough, under the hood we found an engine compartment stuffed with leaves, sticks and rocks…and a nice little nest. A couple of hoses and wires had been chewed through. That truck wasn’t going anywhere. (more…)

How to Save the Awesome Things You Find on Facebook Without Cluttering Your Friends’ News Feeds

Activity logI’ve noticed a rash of disclaimers in my friends’ Facebook posts lately: “I am sharing this so that I’ll be able to find it on my Timeline later.” Indeed, many pages encourage you to share their posts…because it gives them greater exposure! But it’s not the only way to save recipes and such. 

Just to be clear…I’m not complaining about what you want to share with me on Facebook. I am fortunate enough to have lots of interesting friends who share lots of interesting stuff! But if you’re really sharing it ONLY so YOU can have access to it later, I want you to know there are alternatives to having it show up in MY News Feed. Such as: (more…)

How to Pack Like a Pro to know how to pack a suitcase like a pro? A professional organizer, that is? Well, I can’t speak for all of them. OK, it’s just me. Want to know how to pack like me? Here is my philosophy of packing, to paraphrase comedian Steven Wright: You can’t take everything. Where would you put it? (more…)