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Celebrating Introverts (and organizing them)

IntrovertsIn honor of World Introvert Day (Jan 2), I’ve published a new post on the Introvert Retreat blog. Why are we celebrating introverts? Here’s an article I like about that.

And, in honor of January being NAPO’s Get Organized & Be Productive (GO) Month, I’m organizing all my contributions (thus far) here, for you.


Organize Your Facebook News Feed for Serenity Now!

Are you feeling like you have no control over what you see in your Facebook News Feed?

Are you on the verge of ditching Facebook altogether out of frustration?

Are you sick of that “Facebook limits you to seeing posts from 26 friends” cut-and-paste meme going around?

I know some of you are, because I’m writing this post by popular request!

So, sit back…relax…take a few deep breaths…and let’s begin with a prayer…LOL?


Hits & Misses #4: 12 more things I’ve tried so you don’t have to

hits misses

Ready for some more Hits & Misses? (12 more things I’ve tried so you don’t have to.)

If you read just one, make it the first one, OK?



More Cooking for Dummies: 12 Things I’ve Learned

Hello Fresh 4

Chicken Caesar Salad with homemade croutons

Remember, I am not a cook. Or, well…maybe I am now? I have stripped fresh rosemary leaves off the stem, butterflied chicken breasts, whipped up pan sauces, cooked green beans in a frying pan and steak in the oven, made my own condiments (aioli, teriyaki sauce), and performed many other culinary feats. I can see a little bit more now why people like to do this cooking thing (smells great, tastes delicious, creative, meditative).

It’s been over six months since I subscribed to the Hello Fresh meal kit service, but I’ve taken time off here and there. I love being able to pause the plan when I want to. I have to pay attention to the delivery schedule, of course, to make sure I’m not charged for or sent a box I didn’t want, but they’re reducing the cut-off time from seven days in advance to five to make it easier.


10 Silly Things Organizers Argue About

Signpost My Way your wayWhen professional organizers argue, it’s often just a matter of semantics. And when I say argue….well, that’s just semantics too. Disagree and misunderstand might be more accurate terms. We are, mostly, a congenial and supportive bunch! Sometimes we don’t even truly disagree, but we’re playing devil’s advocate; or exploring a new twist on an old theme for the sake of a great blog post title; or forging a new market niche by using a unique phrase.

The reason for this post is that I imagine the public, and new organizers, must sometimes feel confused. “Hey, wait a minute, this experienced organizer is saying just the opposite of what I always thought, and the opposite of what this other respected organizer said!?”

Here are some examples: (more…)

Top 10 Org4life Blog Posts of 2015

Depositphotos_7243444_m-2015Here is a roundup of my top 10 blog posts of 2015:


Could You Live in a Tiny House?

Hazel's tiny house

Hazel’s tiny house CLICK TO ENLARGE

One upon a time, when I was a poor, starving, college student, I lived in a tiny house (small t, small h), which is not the same as living in an adorable Tiny House. Have you seen them? Tiny Houses are usually no more than 400 sq. ft, often hand-built, craftsman-style, sometimes on wheels, and largely off the grid. They are for people who want to decrease their impact on the earth and who don’t have a lot of stuff. Here are some links to give you an idea:


14 Reasons Why They Haven’t Replied to Your Email (and what to do about it)

email I often hear people bemoan the fact that someone has not replied to their email. Sure, it’s possible that they are snubbing you. But their lack of response is far more likely to have nothing to do with you at all. Don’t take it personally!

Before YOU get upset that someone hasn’t replied to YOUR email, consider the many reasons why this might be the case (paying special attention to #14):


Let’s Play Organizing & Productivity Bingo!

Organizing Bingo - NAPO Member Branded

See links below for viewing full-sized.




Ever wonder how organized and productive you really are?

Not sure if you need to hire a professional organizer?

Ready for a fun new way to test your skills?

Let’s play Organizing & Productivity Bingo!



Hits & Misses #3 — 12 More Things I’ve Tried So You Don’t Have To


Back by popular demand! By the way, I am not affiliated with any of the products I promote. I just either like them, or I don’t. Enjoy!

The Hot Spoon Method of stopping the itch of a mosquito bite – I’ve tried every preventative tactic and topical ointment known to mankind. Too many to list here. Just want you to know this one works! I don’t let the water run until hot, though. I heat a cup of water for 1 minute in the microwave and dip the spoon in for a few seconds. Press to skin, as soon as bearable, for 10 seconds or however long the heat lasts. Repeat with same hot water for additional bites. HIT