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Do you need to change your settings?

I’ve been thinking about how life is no different from technology.

In what way, you ask?

When we have a problem it’s often just a matter of changing our settings.

We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are. – Anais Nin


My New Year’s Resolution

connect resolutionI don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions, per se, much less advertise them. This one came from being hard on myself right out of the 2018 gate for goals I already felt behind on in the new year.

One of the several things I had not done yet, that I had planned to do, was to send New Year’s cards. It’s not too late to do it, but meanwhile I’ve realized a few things:


Every YES is a NO to Something Else

saying yes, saying noDo you have trouble saying no? How about trouble saying yes? I just read The Year of Yes, by Shonda Rhimes, creator of Gray’s Anatomy and Scandal, among other popular TV shows. I found it to be both entertaining and inspiring. The basic story is that Shonda realized she was saying NO to most invitations and opportunities that came her way, and missing out on a lot that life has to offer. So, she started saying YES, which, as with many worthwhile endeavors, is easier said than done.


How to Declutter Your News Feed (a.k.a. how to stay informed without going crazy)

Before we get into how to declutter your news feed, let’s talk about why you might need to. If there’s anything we can all agree on these days, perhaps it’s the necessity — and the difficulty — of staying informed in this ever-changing political climate. Many people find the glut of news — real and fake — to be very stressful. News of current events can make one feel informed or misled; hopeful or fearful; vindicated or betrayed.


Organizing to De-Stress Your Holidays (all of them)

De-Stress Your HolidaysWhat are “holidays” and why are they so stressful? A holiday is any special occasion, all year round, which involves extra preparations; extra time, money and energy; and extra people, families in particular. Examples include birthdays, weddings, religious holidays, and secular holidays.

Holiday stress results when you have unrealistic expectations of yourself and others. Sometimes it’s the family getting together that contributes to the stress, and sometimes it’s the fact that you’re not getting together, or can’t, whatever the reason may be.

If you can relate to this definition, keep reading for some tips that will help you reduce holiday stress in four major areas of your life.


What are you worried about? Don’t worry; take action!

Don't worry. Take action.

Which path will you take?

What are you worried about?

I think we all worry sometimes, don’t you? We worry about our health, and the health of our loved ones. About our appearance, and how we measure up to others. About money, and how our businesses are doing. About whether or not we’re being good parents. We worry about (fill in the blank).

And what does worrying do to us? It causes stress, sleepless nights, stomach aches, arguments, etc., and sometimes it causes us to not enjoy life’s pleasures…..yes?

So, who am I to tell you to stop worrying?


The Worry Matrix: How to Decide What’s Worth Worrying About

The Worry Matrix


In my previous posts Clearing Mental Clutter and Why Worry? Take Action!, I cover the following concepts:

  • Worrying is just a form of mental clutter.
  • Worrying is like praying for something you don’t want.
  • The key to less worrying is more action!

And now, here are two simple questions that will help you decide whether or not something is worth worrying about: (more…)

Better Than Before

Better than BeforeI have been a fan of Gretchen Rubin ever since her bestseller The Happiness Project. One of the things we have in common is that clearing clutter and organizing makes us both happy!

I listened to her new audiobook — Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives — as soon as humanly possible after it was released last week. (more…)

Just Say No…Here’s How and Why

2015-02-09 11.16.56I just spoke with a client about a situation in which she couldn’t bring herself to say No. The details are unimportant. We’ve all been there. In the end, she told a “white lie” rather than admit she didn’t want to do a favor for a friend. (A favor which, in my opinion, was taking unfair advantage of my client, but that’s another story.) She asked for my advice. Here it is:

If you don’t want to do it, Just Say No. (Well… what did you think I would say? LOL!)

Here are some good ways to say No: (more…)

Decisions, Decisions….


Do you have trouble making decisions? I think we all do on occasion, but this difficulty often plagues my disorganized clients. Consider the gazillions of decisions we are all faced with on a daily basis — what to wear? eat? do? say? buy? In the case of clutter we wonder: How did this pile get here? How can I make it stop? What should I keep? Where should I put it? What should I get rid of? How should I dispose of it? What if I make the wrong choice? Arrrghhhh!