Six Organizing Systems Everyone Needs — System #5: Clutter Flow

How well are your organizing systems working for you?

In the introduction to this series I shared the following:

What is a system?
What 6 organizing systems do I think everyone needs?
What 5 questions can you ask yourself to see if your systems are still working for you, or if they need tweaking?

Now let’s take a closer look at each system…

System #5:  Clutter Flow

WHO brings things into the house? WHO will take care of using, putting away, and maintaining new items? WHO will ensure that unwanted items leave the house? WHO is responsible for clearing daily clutter?

WHAT sort of maintenance will new purchases require? WHAT sort of bin/hamper/box will work for collecting items for donation? WHAT will you get rid of in order to make space for new stuff – Multiples? Anything that you don’t use or love? WHAT are your criteria for tossing things in the trash?

WHEN will the new item expire or outlive its usefulness? HOW OFTEN will you gather unwanted items for donation – Ongoing, as they are identified? Monthly? Annually? HOW OFTEN will you declutter “hot spots” (places where clutter tends to accumulate)?

WHERE will new items live in your home? WHERE will you locate a recycle bin and a donate bin – Closet? Basement? Garage? WHERE will you donate unwanted items in good condition?

WHY do you need a system for clutter flow? Because, as comedian Steven Wright said, “You can’t have everything. Where would you put it?” Also so you can find what you’re looking for easily; so you walk through your house without tripping; so you can live in a serene and inviting space; and so you can stop worrying about what people will think if they come to visit!

What are your challenges and tips for managing clutter flow?

Please share in the comments below!

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The Org4life Clutter Flow Chart Collection

If you need help tweaking your systems, or implementing new ones, ask a friend or call a professional organizer.

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