Take the Pledge! Free “Save Your Photos” Program in September!

Save your photos pledge badgeAre your photos organized, backed up, accessible, enjoyable, and shareable?

Or, are you overwhelmed with your photos, and not even sure where they all are?

Are they digital, saved across multiple devices and files? Are they backed up?

Are they printed, under the bed, in shoe boxes, and in various old non-archival albums?

(Not to mention slides, old movies, framed prints, etc.)

Never fear, help is here! September is Save Your Photos Month!


Take the Pledge!

I took the pledge to Save My Photos and you can too! Join me by clicking here: saveyourphotos.org/photos-pledge.

This program is a good place to start if you want to organize your photos yourself, bit by bit. Take the pledge and get 30 days of free e-mailed photo tips. (They won’t share your email address, but they do need it to send you the tips.)

I’ll be organizing mine right along with you. We can compare notes!

If you don’t want to do it yourself, call me or find a Photo Organizer near you.

Did I mention it’s free? If you aren’t quite ready to do the work, why not accumulate a month’s worth of free tips to help you when you are ready?

Click here to learn more about this free program.

See my Org4life Photo Resource Roundup for more, from me and my colleagues, about how and why to organize your photos.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed the Sept. 1 start of the program. You can still get all 30 tips if you Take the Pledge. But don’t wait, do it now!

Are your photos organized, backed up, accessible, enjoyable, and shareable?

If so, please share your best tip with us in the comments below.

If not, please share your biggest photo-related issue. I’ll reply with a tip for you!

Have you taken the pledge?

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  1. I’m seeing this pop up in a couple of places. You go, girl! My husband is the photo guy around here, so I can’t really participate. But I’ll be interested to see how everyone makes out!

  2. We’ve talked about this, so I’m pretty sure you understand why I’m not signing up right now, but it’s definitely on my radar and I look forward to hearing how you make out!

  3. I’m actually pretty good with managing my photos, but it also helps that I don’t take that many. I know quite a few people who struggle with this area and I will definitely share!

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