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ORIGINAL Clutter Flow Chart

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CLICK TO ENLARGE. The choice of 15 charts can be overwhelming! Which charts do you really need? Well, it depends… what would you like to work on next? Your Home? Your Office? Your Time? Your Mind?

Overwhelmed with clutter?

Not sure where to start?

With these handy charts by your side, clutter of all kinds will simply flow right out of your home, office, and life!

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Each chart is now available as an entire individual Go With The Flow! module.

15 to choose from — Collect ‘em all!

An individual module consists of a single flow chart of your choice, companion article, worksheet, click-able resources, and instructions for use. Your link for downloading and saving your 11-page PDF file will be delivered directly to your email inbox.

Only $5.99 per chart module (plus 7% tax in NM).

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15 Chart Modules Now Available at $5.99 each:

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Original Clutter – Want to declutter but don’t know where to start? Just follow the arrows and take it one step at a time!  Add to Cart

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Cash Flow Clutter – Are unresolved financial issues blocking your cash flow? Get unstuck and get back in the black! Add to Cart

Kitchen ClutterNot enough counter space to prepare dinner? Let’s make mealtime a pleasure again.Add to Cart

Office Clutter – Is your desk buried in papers? Take back your valuable creative and productive work space!Add to Cart

To-Do List Clutter – Does your to-do list never seem to get to-done? It’s all about your goals and priorities. Add to Cart

Paper Clutter – Are mystery piles driving you crazy? You just need a reliable system for dealing with paper. Add to Cart

Kids’ Paper Clutter – Are you drowning in artwork and schoolwork? Learn what to toss and how to display and store the treasures. Add to Cart

Holiday Activity Clutter – Do you want to enjoy family gatherings and holidays (all of them) again? The key is to simplify. Add to Cart

Holiday Decor Clutter – Are you storing more holiday decorations than you will ever use? Out with the old, in with the new! Add to Cart

Occupied Staging Clutter – Are you trying to sell your house while still living in it? This chart will help you get a quick sale at top dollar! Add to Cart

Closet Clutter – Can’t find your closet floor, much less something to wear? Clearing clutter makes getting dressed fun again! Add to Cart

Getting Back on Track – Have you been derailed by life events and can’t seem to get caught up? Let’s get you back on track! Add to Cart

Keepsake Clutter – Do you feel guilty parting with memorabilia? Learn how to honor what you keep, and how to part with the rest respectfully. Add to Cart

Mental Clutter – Worried? Anxious? Fearful? Guilty? Stressed? Clearing mental clutter will give you peace of mind, and help you sleep better, too! Add to Cart

Garage Clutter – No room to park your car? This chart will help you protect your investment and make your space more user-friendly. Add to Cart

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