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Ask the Organizers Panel NAPO2014. That's me on the far right.

Golden Circle Ask the Organizers Panel, NAPO2014, Scottsdale, AZ. I’m the one on the right!


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Print & Web Articles

Office Transformation by Elaine D.Briseno, for Life in New Mexico, Albuquerque Journal, January 15, 2017

Senior Friendly Guide to Downsizing (by Courtney Davis, for GoodCall, December 2016)

12 Ways To Ensure The Holidays Don’t Leave You With Clutter In The New Year (by Alexander Harris, for Elite Daily, November 20, 2016)

How to Stay Organized During a Move (by Jodi Holzband, for The SpareFoot Blog, June 28, 2016)

Do You Have a Virtual Will? (by Martyne Backman, for Companion Care New Mexico, January 18, 2016)

The Mental Benefits of Decluttering: Why You Should Start Now (by David Decker, for Extra Space Storage, January 6, 2016)

Prepare for the purge (by Elaine D. Briseño, for Life in New Mexico, Albuquerque Journal, December 27th, 2015)

Is Your House in a Mess? (by Dinsa Sachan, for Rewire Me, December 19, 2015)

Ideas and Uses for Your Expedit TV Storage Unit (by June Brockmeyer, for SelfStorageFinders,  November 4, 2015)

Is Organizing Like Marie Kondo Right for You? (by June Brockmeyer, for SelfStorageFinders, September 9, 2015)

4 Moving Mistakes You Don’t Wanna Make (by June Brockmeyer, for SelfStorageFinders, August 2, 2015)

7 ways clutter costs you money (by Allie Johnson, for CreditCardGuide, July 20, 2015)

By the Numbers – Professional Organizers of New Mexico (Business Outlook section, Albuquerque Journal, July 6, 2015)

Smart Strategies for Room-by-Room Decluttering [Infographic] (by John Egan, for The SpareFoot Blog, January 28, 2015)

Lose the Kitchen Clutter and Lose Weight: Here’s How (by Linda Melone, for The SpareFoot Blog, January 16, 2015)

Try These 11 Products and Services to Help You Get Organized in 2015 (by John Egan, for The SpareFoot Blog, January 7, 2015)

Albuquerque Storage Facts (by Matt Schexnayder for SpareFoot, January, 2015)

Before and After: 4 Great Decluttering Success Stories (by John Egan for The SpareFoot Blog, November 6, 2014)

Free and clear: Feel new again – unearth yourself from the clutter (by Donna Olmstead for The Albuquerque Journal, May 3, 2014)

Organizing Around the World: Professional Organizers Share Their Most Effective Tips (by Dana Mitchell for Organizing DIY, 11/27/13)

Spotlight Turns on Introverts (by Donna Olmstead for The Albuquerque Journal, October 2013)

3 Steps to transform your home office (by Hazel Thornton for, 10/21/13)

How to Keep Your Home Tidy: 13 Fantastic Tips (by John Egan for The SpareFoot Blog, October4, 2013)

Corporate Livewire Virtual Round Table (by Vince Draper for, October 2013)

How to Get Organized for the Holidays: 13 Simple Steps  (by John Egan for The SpareFoot Blog, September 23, 2013)

Organizing to De-Stress a Major Illness (by Hazel Thornton for Natural Awakenings Magazine – paper and online editions — August 2013 special Rethinking Cancer issue, cover + p. 18)

Choosing Storage Unit Sizes (by Anne Wynter for SpareFoot, 8/8/13)

Time Management Tips, by Rebecca Roybal-Jones in Sage the Albuquerque Journal’s magazine for today’s woman!

The Emotional Toll of Clutter (by Jessie Sholl for ExperienceLife, April 2013)

Making Memories (by Donna Olmstead for the Albuquerque Journal, 3/3/13)

Which household items can you sell for the most cash? (by Meghan Streit for Erickson Tribune — News for today’s seniors, February 2013)

Working on Thin Ice:Tips for Working With CD Clients and Their Family Members (by Kristi Meyer for the Oct/Nov 2011 issue of The Chronical)

Messy Desks (by Tricia Remark for Albuquerque The Magazine, June 2011, pp.124-125)

How to get out of a networking rut (by Sandy Vaughn for, 12/21/10)

Beating those Holiday Blues (by Kathryn Holzka for, 10/25/09)

Staging Can Help Sell Your House (by Talia Freedman for 10/08/09)

Clutter Cutter (by Matt Andazola for 09/19/09)

TV & Videos

Networking for Introverts <– Proposal for NAPO2017 Conference Session

SMEAD [PODCAST] 80: How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep (22:12   <– listen , watch, or download

SMEAD [PODCAST] 015: Decluttering in the New Year (25:31)  <– listen , watch, or download

Clutter Flow Charts — Animated (0:46)  <– cute, fun

Why Clutter Flow Charts? — (2:57) <– explanatory

Transforming Spaces — (2:57) <– before & after photos with captions & music

2KASAFOX interview — Clean up the Clutter — (4:24)

Keeping You Organized — Smead Organomics — podcast preview — (0:40)

Keeping You Organized — Smead Organomics — podcast interview — (23:00)

Keeping You Organized — Smead Orgonomics — Highlights From Season One (26:06, look for me at 8:50)

How to Fold Clothes with Pliio — (0.53)

Radio & Audio

America Talks Money Podcast — 04: The Emotional Triggers episode (the first half is a conversation between co-hosts Kate Stalter and Kelly Chisholm) January 17, 2017 (Inspired by my talk “Who Will Check My Email When I Die?”) Click here to read the show notes.

SMEAD [PODCAST] 80: How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep (22:12   <– listen , watch, or download

SMEAD [PODCAST] 015: Decluttering in the New Year (25:31)  <– listen , watch, or download

Situational Disorganization — Moreen Torpy’s Conversations About Organizing — 31 min. podcast

What’s the difference between situational disorganization and chronic disorganization?


Making Time to De-clutter — De-clutter Your Life Teleseminar Series with Moreen Torpy — 24 min.

This session will answer the following questions: What is Clutter? How can de-cluttering help me live the life I want to live? How can I make time for de-cluttering? How can I avoid getting overwhelmed by my To Do list? What 3 steps can I take now to get started?  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ↓↓↓

Managing Your Time — KKOB AM 770 — Let’s Talk Business New Mexico — 38 min.

>>> CLICK HERE TO LISTEN (Keywords:  New Year’s resolutions, time management, business organizing, home offices, distractions, multitasking, focus, priorities, to-do lists, S.P.A.C.E. method, Julie Morgenstern, 80/20 Rule, saving money, pilers & filers, Action File, filing tips, free stuff on Org4life website, S.M.A.R.T. Goals, accountability, staying on track, celebrating success)

The 1050 Show with Terrie Q. Sayre — KTBL-AM — 2/8/14 — 16:10 to 31:40 = 15:30 minutes



Getting Organized For Life — Owner and Sole Contributor

Your Organizing Business — Contributor

Professional Organizers Blog Carnival — “Star Blogger” (frequent contributor)

Introvert Retreat — Contributor

NAPO’s Get Organized Blog — Contributor

Guest blog posts for colleagues Donna Smallin Kuper, Regina Lark, and Monica Ricci

Contributions to Other People’s Books

Now What? An Easy Organizing Guide, by Diane N. Quintana (endorsement blurb)

The Professional Organizer’s Bible, by Ramona Creel (About Trademarking Your Name, p.395).

Sync or Swim: 201 Organizing Tips You Need to Survive the Currents of Change – ebook by Judith Kolberg and Allison Carter (My tips are #8 & #55.)

Get Organized! 50 Tips For You – ebook by Professional Organizers of New Mexico (7 tips, 1 per each of 7 categories, available for free at

Get Organized! Another 50 Tips For You – ebook by Professional Organizers of New Mexico (7 tips, 1 per each of 7 categories, available for free at

The Crash of TWA Flight 260, by Charles M. Williams (credited contributor; has to do with my family’s history, nothing to do with organizing)

Who Moved My Furniture?! ?!…changing lives one room at a time, by Sandy Dixon (Chapter 32 is my story, “Through a Client’s Eyes”)

Two Tip Tuesday: The Book, by Sandy Dixon (uncredited tips on p. 208 + back cover blurb)

My Own Book…

….which I didn’t talk about for 20 years because it was out of print, old news, controversial, and has nothing to do with organizing…

Click here for info about Hung Jury: The Diary of a Menendez Juror

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