The Juror & The Journalist

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Partners in true crime.

Hazel Thornton was Juror #9 on the first Erik Menendez trial, which ended in 1994 with a gender-split hung jury.

Robert Rand is an investigative journalist who has covered the Menendez case for over 28 years. He was one of the first reporters to interview Hazel after the first trial was declared a mistrial.

We reconnected in 2017 as a result of renewed media interest, and have joined forces to educate the public about the case.

We are committed to preparing the groundwork for a Menendez Miracle.

The Juror & The Journalist

Coming soon:

  • Busting the Top Menendez Myths (a yet-to-be-published, co-authored article)
  • “25 Years Ago Today” social media campaign (starts June 28)

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