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Partners in (true) crime…

Los Angeles, September 2018.

Hazel Thornton was an Integrated Technology Planner in Pasadena, CA when she reported to jury duty in Van Nuys on June 28, 1993. She served seven months as Juror #9 on the first Erik Menendez murder trial, which ended in a 6-6 gender-split hung jury mistrial. (It was a double trial, with Lyle’s jury also hopelessly deadlocked.) The press called her one of ‘Leslie’s Girls’ and ‘Erik’s Women’ because she voted for manslaughter, not murder. Her book, Hung Jury: The Diary of a Menendez Juror, originally published in 1995, was revised and re-released in 2018. She has appeared on Court TV, Oprah, 20/20, Dateline, A&E and KOB-TV, among others. She now lives in Albuquerque, NM, and works with clients in person, and virtually, as a professional organizer and genealogist. Visit Hazel at, or

Robert Rand is an Emmy award winning journalist who began covering the Menendez murders the day after the August 20, 1989 killings. He is the only journalist who has interviewed the Menendez brothers both before and since their arrest. He was in court daily during both trials, and provided on camera analysis for Court TV, ABC GMA and CBS News. He has written articles for the Miami Herald, Playboy, and People magazine, and been interviewed for several high-profile documentaries about the case. He earned the trust of the family, and interviewed hundreds of people connected with the case, including Hazel Thornton, Juror #9. The manuscript for his 2018 book, The Menendez Murders, was the primary source material for the 2017 NBC limited series Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders. Visit Robert at

Robert & Hazel reconnected in 2017 as a result of renewed media interest and have joined forces to educate the public about the case. They have appeared in many of the same documentaries and have lectured at events in Los Angeles and Albuquerque. They enjoy answering audience questions – and busting persistent Menendez myths — from their unique perspectives sitting across the courtroom from one another.  They agree that the verdict should have been manslaughter, not murder. And they believe in Menendez Miracles.

Partners in (true) crime.

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    Albuquerque, January 2018

  • #Menendez25 — This is the 25th anniversary of the first trial. Join us on Facebook and Twitter for a “25 Years Ago Today” journey that will span 7 months, from jury selection in June 2018 to the two deadlocked juries in January 2019.
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