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NOTE: With only a few exceptions, these links are all recent. One of these days maybe I’ll add in more 1990’s items, most of which are not available on the internet.

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As it turns out, podcasts (when I am the only guest, that is) are the antidote to all those years of being interviewed extensively for TV, only to be edited down to a few soundbites here and there!

Getting Off Podcast (all 2018):

  • Episode 86: The Menendez Brothers, Part 1 (43:26)
  • Episode 87: Menendez Brothers, Part II: The “Abuse Excuse”?? (1:14:22)
  • Episode 93: Interview with Menendez Juror #9, Part 1 (1:15:42)
  • Episode 94: Interview with Menendez Juror #9, Part 2 (1:29:54)  
  • Episode 125: Interview w/Robert Rand Part 1 (58:41)
  • Episode 126: Interview w/Robert Rand Part 2  (1:24:08)


Murder and The Menendez Brothers: A Court TV Mystery (6 episodes – 2020)



From “Judging the Jury System” – Los Angeles Times, 25 Sep 1994. (The Reginald Denny beating trial ended with a hung jury during the first Menendez trial.)

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