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Think you know what happened at the first Menendez brothers trial?

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A juror refutes some common misperceptions about the hopelessly deadlocked juries in the Menendez case… [Thornton] reveals in her lively, astute trial diary that Erik’s jury reached an impasse not on the issue of guilt, but on the charge…. Countering the notion that the jurors were hoodwinked and baffled by the parade of psychological experts, Thornton shows a firm grasp of the facts and of legal concepts like ‘burden of proof.’… A highly valuable resource for litigators, and a good read for the expanding army of trial buffs.”—Kirkus Reviews




Best endorsement ever? Lyle doesn’t have the internet in prison, but his family administers his Facebook page with his daily telephone input. The page serves primarily as a support group for abuse survivors.


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Out-of-print Temple University Press editions:

1995 First Edition paperback

Scarce 1995 hardback “library edition”


Reissued 20 years later with additional material


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