The Org4life Guarantee

Risk-free guarantee label. Vector EPS 8.I want you to be delighted with my services and refer me to your friends and family!

At the same time, the success of your organizing project is largely up to you.

My job is to analyze your situation, teach you new skills, and help you make the changes you desire.

If we have created a new system for you, your job is to maintain it long enough for it to become routine.

It is normal for systems (old and new) to need periodic evaluation and adjusting.

If you have faithfully used your new system for one month, and we have already tweaked it according to your needs, and you are still unhappy, I will refund your money.

If we have already worked multiple sessions together, your refund will be limited to the amount of your most recent session, plus the prorated balance of your package, if you purchased one.

You have nothing to lose except clutter and stress!

It’s that simple.

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