Holiday Resource Roundup

‘Tis the season! The holidays are coming!HOlidays

Which holidays? Well… ALL of them, eventually…

Sure, there are Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year and other traditional year-end holidays.

But a holiday can be any special occasion — all year round — which involves extra preparations, extra time and money, families… and stress! (Think birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries…)

I hope some of the resources listed below will help you plan, organize, relax, and enjoy YOUR holidays once again!

11/1/21 NOTE: I am no longer actively updating this list of resources. But the ideas it contains, to help you navigate this wondrous and potentially stressful time of year, are “evergreen”. Take a look — I’ll bet there’s something here you haven’t seen before!


All Holidays:

Gift Wrapping & Mailing:



New Year (or anytime):

Related Flow Charts:

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  1. What a great roundup of posts. Just looking at the categories makes me realize why we feel so busy this time of year! Thanks for including a couple of my posts, Hazel!

  2. Hazel- This is an incredible list of resources! And since many of us tend to get so stressed out during this time of year, you’ve thought of something to help everyone with the various challenges that arise.

    I so appreciate you including a link to one of my posts. Keeping the happy and joyous parts in mind is important with the’ busyness’ and stress that the holidays bring.

  3. GeezLouise, Hazel, that’s a LOT of holiday posts! What a remarkable roundup. And while I get that you’re not actively updating this list anymore, I’ll bet you a cookie that you’ll find some posts this season that will find there way here, because I know you’re always making things just a bit better. We’ve got two months of this holiday season. I hope yours is sparkly!

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