Have you seen Hazel Thornton’s Photo Clutter Flow Chart?

PHOTO Clutter Flow Chart - Custom Branded SAMPLE

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That’s weird…why is this post written in third person? Because it was written by Lisa Kurtz, Director of Operations and Training for the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO), that’s why! Her original blog post is only viewable by APPO members, so she agreed I could share it with you here. As a newly-certified APPO member, I’m proud to add this chart to my Clutter Flow Chart Collection, and delighted that Lisa and APPO Founder Cathi Nelson liked it too!

“With the average consumer buried in 1000’s of print and digital photos, their biggest challenge is learning how to clear away the clutter. Hazel takes a complicated task and breaks it down into an easy-to-follow process for anyone. Her Photo Clutter Flow Chart will help you find your best and most meaningful photos so you can enjoy your family stories over and over again.”  Cathi Nelson, Founder – Association of Personal Photo Organizers

And now, here’s Lisa:

Professional Organizer Hazel Thornton created the Clutter Flow Chart Collection to help her organizing clients continue the decluttering process when she wasn’t by their sides. She also leverages these handy charts as marketing pieces for her business.

Her charts soon became popular with her colleagues so she developed Custom Branded Clutter Flow Charts for Professional Organizers to purchase and use in their own businesses. Check out the many endorsements from her peers.

Using the same ‘easy to follow’ flow used in her original series, Hazel has added the Photo Clutter Flow Chart to her collection! In addition to the Flow Chart you get a custom branded companion article to include with the chart. If you are interested in a custom branded Photo Clutter Flow Chart and companion article, head on over to Hazel’s website to learn more.

Here are some ways you can use the Photo Clutter Flow Chart in your business:

  • New Client handout
  • Aftercare/maintenance handout
  • Use as a handout and discussion piece during a presentation
  • Reconnect with former clients
  • E-mail, mail, or hand directly to prospective clients at networking meetings and events.
  • Attach PDF to your newsletter
  • Laminate for use as a gift (durable, wipes clean, less easily lost in a pile, can be 3-hole punched for binder storage).
  • Print the chart (front), and companion article (back), on card stock.
  • Print the chart and companion article on regular paper and store them back-to-back in a transparent plastic sleeve.
  • Print as large postcards to hand out or mail

As you all think about ways to appreciate your clients during the Holiday Season, the Photo Clutter Flow Chart may be the solution you were looking for! Enjoy!  — Lisa

Hazel’s note: Thanks, Lisa! All charts and companion articles are available For You and For Your Business. Collect ’em all! Not sure which ones you (or your clients) need? Guess what? There’s a chart for that! Decisions, Decisions…

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  1. Congrats Hazel! I love your creativity with your charts. Could there be any occasion that might not merit a new chart? Probably not, sez me.

    I’m also so impressed at how you always find new ways to serve your clients.

    • Thanks, Moreen! You’re right….the opportunities for new Clutter Flow Charts are endless. The trick is letting people know about them, and not overwhelming them with choices!

    • Hi Sarah! I created them for my clients, but they also help newbie organizers walk their clients through the decluttering process. Not to mention the marketing possibilities.

    • Glad you love it, Kate! If you think it will be helpful to share with your clients, and to use for marketing to new prospects, don’t forget to place your order for a Custom-Branded chart for your business!

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